Our Commitment to your Health & Safety

With the recent news of vape-related illness and even death, we would like to formally communicate Oasis’ standards and practices to ensure that our guests are always safe with Oasis.

Oasis has five core values- one of which is our commitment to putting quality over profit. We view quality over profit as our opportunity to ensure that every product on our shelves is tested and is a product we can stand behind. How do we do this? With our incredible in-house quality control team. Every delivery of product that we receive is accompanied by testing results executed by State regulated testing facilities. When those test results and products arrive, we have our in-house quality control team scrub the testing results for signs of contaminants, pesticides, bacteria, yeast/mold, etc. We also ensure tamper evident seals are intact to ensure no-one has had an opportunity to interpose a threat to the product.

The Oasis quality control team are experts on Nevada state standards for all consumable products and it is their full time job to evaluate every item we receive from our vendors and sell to our guests.

Since our doors first opened in 2015, we have consistently been committed to giving our guests the highest level of regard for their health and safety. We continue to stick to those same morals today; and especially as the industry evolves. Our team stands by every product that enters our store and can ensure that any product that is purchased from Oasis will be vetted to meet the highest quality standards established in the regulated Nevada cannabis industry thus far. You can count on Oasis to continue to stick to our core values, especially quality over profit.

We hope to see you again soon.

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