Cannabis 101: How Does Vaping Work?

For the whole month of June, we at Oasis Dispensary are featuring the City Trees Vape Line! While supplies last we have a deal on our City Trees Vape Line- all you have to do is pick up either a 0.5 gram or 1.0 gram City Trees vape cartridge and you get a 0.3 gram disposable City Trees vape pen for half off!

What is a Vape?

Vaping is a form of inhaling cannabis products in a more discreet way than smoking flower out of a pipe or bong. Vape cartridges and disposable pens have a concentrated form of cannabis that is activated when it is warmed up (usually by a small battery either built into the disposable pens or via a separate battery that connects to the cartridges). The concentrated cannabis usually looks like a liquid or oil and can be strain-specific or terpene specific. If you have a specific strain you love or feeling you’re going after, chances are City Trees has a cartridge or disposable for you!
Why Vape Cannabis?

Vaping can be a more discreet way of ingesting cannabis into your system. There are no lighters, ashtrays, or glass accessories involved at all- it’s all right there! If you’re smoking one of the City Trees disposable pens, all you have to do is start smoking out of the mouthpiece and it will automatically activate the cannabis. Once you aren’t able to pull anymore, the pen is done. For the cartridges, you’ll need to connect it to a battery (our City Trees cartridges take a 510 threaded battery which we also carry). Make sure that battery is charged and then you’re all set to start vaping!
Where Do I Start?

If you’re ready to start vaping, come on down! June is the perfect time to try out vaping with Oasis. Like we mentioned, if you pick up a 0.5 gram or 1.0 gram cartridge you’ll get a 0.3 gram disposable pen for half off. If you do pick up a cartridge, don’t forget to grab a battery to go along with it!

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