What Is Rosin & Why Is Everyone Talking About It

Today we answer the question: What is Rosin? One of the latest extraction techniques allows cannabis users to enjoy solventless concentrates. Due to the rising popularity of Rosin, Oasis Cannabis store manager, Audra, explains a little bit more about the process.

What Exactly Is Rosin?

As Audra mentioned, Rosin is a specific process for solventless extraction. This means the rec user or patient may enjoy the end product without the hints of butane or alcohol, maintaining its original aroma and general taste integrity.

Through heat and pressure of a cannabis product like flower or leftover hash, the process produces a sap-like substance similar to shatter.

Originally, the term emerged as a method to lubricate violin bows. Nowadays, rosin has become a favorite extraction means that requires no additional, compromising elements, allowing a symphony of flavor and aroma without all the extra fuss and distraction that may arise from other extraction methods.

Rosin potency and potential

Rosin produces a product just as potent as other concentrates. While still looking the same, the resulting concentrates from the different processes offer notable different in-take experiences.

Additionally, it’s noteworthiness not only comes from the ease of creation, but it also can be made from virtually any cannabis material. Easily manipulated, the solventless outcome can be fashioned into any preferential consumption form sans the danger and expense.

Rosin vs. other extraction processes

Let’s compare this process versus other extraction practices.

Rosin is the only method that’s solventless. CO2, butane, and alcohol extraction techniques all have solvents. While not making the other procedures obsolete, the rosin way is making a path for more cost-effective and flavorful options for both the beginner and long-time cannabis user.

Moreover, it’s also safer for the lab technicians or those opting to make their own concentrates at home. The aforementioned methods continue to have their viability and value in the market. However, it goes to show the growth of the industry as it provides more choices and safety for cultivators and users alike.

Live rosin vs. rosin

Rosin also has two types: live rosin and regular ol’ rosin. Live rosin implies that the final product started as a fresh flower as opposed to rosin that comes from dried or cured flower. Many make the preference to live rosin because of the taste since fresh does often provide a complete profile.

Live versus not also have a different aesthetic. The living rosin has a waxy appearance due to its need for some solvents. While having fewer solvents than other methods, live rosin differs from its kin because of the excess liquid from the process.


One of many extraction processes, rosin is the latest “technology” in providing a better cannabis consumption experience. Ultimately, the rosin benefits include:

Solventless, Inexpensive, Potency, Taste & scent integrity.

We’re excited to see what’s next for rosin and how fresh modes of production bring more education and options for patients and users. As always, stay safe and continue to educate yourself on cannabis and its many forms.

Cannabis Education with Oasis

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