About Us

Improving Community Quality of Life

Our first commitment is to Las Vegas and our community. We keep this commitment in several ways, including offering Community Oasis, a multi-purpose community room adjacent to the dispensary. It hosts our health and wellness services and workshops, such as yoga, art therapy, music/sound therapy, meditation, nutrition classes, art and music demonstrations, and any appropriate need the community may have.

Spreading Knowledge of Cannabis

Educating people about the medical benefits of cannabis is essential to fulfilling our mission. We are dedicated to helping to improve the scientific understanding of how the various chemical compounds in cannabis react with the human body. We hope to assist researchers in truly unlocking the medical potential of cannabis by donating up to 5% of our profits to research.

Choosing Quality Over Profit

We never cut corners or sacrifice quality to save on the cost of our products. We believe that providing premium and consistent products of the highest quality is an investment that will return customer loyalty. In a regulated market, all products are lab tested by state-approved facilities to ensure products are not harmful to consume. We have committed ourselves to maintain quality standards that are twice as critical as the state of Nevada.

Helping Las Vegas, One Individual at a Time

We want to understand your needs and how you prefer to purchase cannabis. This enables us to craft an experience that is just right for each of our customers. Our team of knowledgeable, friendly budtenders is here to help you find the perfect product for you.

Why People Choose Oasis

At Oasis, our guest experience is always top of mind.

Personal Service
We employ a knowledgeable staff that works with you to get the right products for your needs.

Our intent remains focused on providing empowerment through education, compassionate care through attentive service, and community enrichment through our diverse community programs.

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