New Oasis Cannabis Rewards Tiers!

We’re turning over a new leaf with brand new rewards! Oasis Cannabis has updated the rewards program to now include merch, flower, and extracts. Scoring a seriously sweet deal on your favorite flower has never been easier- and here’s how it works:

For every $1 pre-tax spent at Oasis, you’ll earn 1 point. To earn points, come visit us in-store and sign up with one of our staff members. To earn points, you will need to use your phone number as your unique identifier. To track your points, you will get a link texted to you with your points earned, available offers or rewards, and the rewards tiers included.

You can earn points on any item purchased in-store or via delivery- including merchandise, CBD, flower, extracts, glass, lighters- you name it! Delivery points may not be available for up to one week following your completed delivery order.

While our old program was only redeemable for cash back, our new program is cash, cartridges, flower and more! See our rewards tiers below:

  • 100 points: $5 off (pre-tax)
  • 150 points: 1 gram of Essential flower for a penny ($9.50 value)
  • 200 points: $10 off (pre-tax)
  • 250 points: Oasis socks ($12 value) or a pipe (up to $20 value)
  • 300 points: $15 off (pre-tax)
  • 350 points: Oasis hat ($25 value)
  • 400 points: 1/8th of Essential flower for a penny ($29 value)
  • 500 points: $25 off pre-tax or an Oasis shirt ($25-30 value)
  • 600 points: $30 off pre-tax OR 1/8th of Branded Essential flower for a penny ($35 value)
  • 700 points: $35 off pre-tax OR City Trees 0.5 gram cartridge for a penny ($41 value)
  • 800 points: $40 off pre-tax OR 1/4 oz of Essential flower for a penny ($54 value)
  • 900 points: $45 off pre-tax OR City Trees 1 gram cartridge for a penny ($77 value)
  • 1000 points: 1/2 oz of Essential flower for a penny ($105 value)


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