Set Your Seasonal Tables With Delicious Infused Samplings

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas give us plenty of opportunities to gather with friends and family to create new memories while feasting on our favorite delights. This year, skip the same boring menu and level up your holiday parties with some delicious infused treats.

Infused edibles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, especially for those with aversions to smoking or vaping the plant. There’s a variety of infused products and foods to choose from as well, including delicious and health-minded dried fruit.


Go with something fun and simple to liven up your Halloween party, like these dried apricot jack-o-lanterns. Cannabella’s infused dried apricots are the perfect platform to showcase your spooky side. A few small tubes of decorative frosting is all it takes to bring these pumpkins to life. You can even get your guests involved. Let them decorate their own and make it a contest. The winner gets a second helping!


For more formal occasions, like Thanksgiving, infuse this amazing ‘Cranbango’ sauce to truly enhance your meal. Cranbango sauce is a fusion of cranberry and mango and it could easily become your new must-have Thanksgiving dish.

This recipe is simple to follow, complex in flavor, and substituting infused mangos is the only thing that could make it any better. With cinnamon and star anise, you’ll definitely taste the holidays in every bite, while the infused mangos will tinge everything with a nice warm glow.


Hanukkah is the longest of the holidays, with eight nights of food, festivities, and fun. That’s quite the stretch of entertaining, so make sure to keep plenty of infused gelt on hand. You’re probably not going to find infused chocolate coins at the dispensary, but you will find plenty of infused chocolate, ready to be melted and molded into the traditional Hanukkah treat everyone loves.

You can find a variety of gelt molds online, or you can simply portion the melted chocolate into a greased mini-muffin tray to achieve a perfect coin shape. Wrap them in decorative foil, or paint them with edible metallic colors to make them really shine.

There’s been a lot of debate about kosher cannabis, with no seemingly definitive answer. Consult your rabbi and reliable resources to determine what works best for you and your faith.


Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year and by far the busiest. We travel and host and cook and shop and drive ourselves crazy creating the perfect holiday. During all that hustle and bustle, carve out some time for relaxing with your loved ones. This white chocolate bark with nuts and dried fruit is a cinch to make and will have everyone feeling very merry. Choose the infused fruit and/or chocolate you like best and get creative. That’s right, you can double down on this swank recipe by using infused chocolate and infused fruit!  


Plan ahead whenever preparing and serving infused foods, especially when hosting family-friendly gatherings where children will be present. All infused foods should be clearly designated as such and kept out of the hands of minors. It is illegal to provide cannabis products to minors. You can also talk to your guests beforehand, letting them know that you’ll be serving infused foods so they can prepare in advance.

Be as accurate as possible when preparing infused food products to achieve the correct dosage per serving. Every infused cannabis product sold in Nevada dispensaries is labeled with the amount of THC and designed to be portioned into specific doses. Follow the dosing schedule on the packaging and create portions equal to the producers. For example, a 100mg., 10 oz. chocolate bar can be prepared into 10, 1 oz. 10mg. servings, maintaining the producers dosing instructions.

When laying out infused foods, put a placard or note on the dish to let people know that it’s an infused food as well as the dosage per serving. Never serve someone infused foods without their knowledge.

Store infused foods for freshness the same way you would store the same products if they weren’t infused. The bigger concern with storing infused foods is safety. During the holidays, there’s always plenty of treats around. Don’t mingle infused foods with non-infused and clearly label all infused storage containers and keep in a secure place where they won’t be accidentally ingested.

Take it slow. Follow this dosing guide to ensure no one overindulges and has a bad experience. You can also keep some CBD on hand, which can help alleviate the effects of overconsumption.

Have a happy holiday season!

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