Cannabis for Artists

Cannabis has been associated with creativity for as long as it’s been around, with artists like the Beatles, Picasso, and even William Shakespeare using the plant to think outside the box. 

As the stigma surrounding cannabis decreases in our local and state governments, as well as mainstream media, more and more creatives are turning to cannabis to help stimulate productivity and artistic thought. While the combination of cannabis with art forms like music, art, and dance is not new, the science surrounding how cannabis affects our brain has grown, leaving us with a greater awareness of how it can be used as a powerful imaginative tool. 

In this article, we cover several ways cannabis can help spark creativity for artists and performers and recommend you the best Oasis products to get your mind moving!

How Cannabis Helps Creativity

Here are some of the major benefits that using cannabis can bring for those looking to get the most out of their artistic experience:

Generating New Ideas

One of the biggest advantages that smoking can bring to artists is its ability to help the brain generate new ideas. 

Neuroscientists have found that the frontal cortex is the main part of the brain responsible for creating ideas and have suggested the potential for cannabis to stimulate activity in these sections, as well as increase blood flow throughout the entire brain. Even though studies on this topic are still in the initial stages, the science and data surrounding this connection lay the great groundwork for those looking to experiment themselves to see if cannabis can help stimulate brain activity and deeper thought. 

Reduces Worry and Fear of Criticism

Cannabis has also been proven to be a great tool in reducing anxiety, a disorder that often correlates with having a particularly creative mind. The level of introspection that is often needed to create meaningful art usually comes with feelings of stress and self-doubt. However, it can also impact the overall creative process and the ability to produce a finished work. 

Smaller doses of cannabis, if used during the creative process, can actually quell these feelings of anxiety and frustration, helping you put your mind to work and achieve your artistic goals! 

Enhance Visual Acuity

Another great medicinal benefit of cannabis is that it can actually enhance our visual acuity, thanks to the abundance of cannabinoid receptors located in the retinas of our eyes. When we consume cannabis, these receptors become stimulated and increase our sensitivity to visual contrast, meaning we can notice differences in color and light slightly better than before. 

This connection may explain why we feel an overall deeper connection and appreciation for visual art after we consume cannabis and may allow for artists to have greater control over color and tone when working on their own pieces.


One of the most interesting connections between cannabis and our brains can be seen through the process of hyper-priming, a phenomenon where our brains create connections between different concepts at a much greater rate than normal. This process can be extremely beneficial for artists, allowing for the mind to roam without any rigid structure or censorship while also helping the artist to drive for a deeper meaning or narrative within a piece that might be seen as abstract. 

The only drawback of hyper-priming is that sometimes our thoughts can move faster than we want, especially when using a strain with a higher THC content. If you’re looking to consume cannabis right before getting to work, try keeping a notebook handy to record and keep track of your best ideas!

Choosing the Right Strain

It’s important to remember that strain, potency, and dose all play a big role in cannabis’ ability to help spark the creative process. In fact, consuming too much THC can actually hamper an artist’s ability to produce, often leaving you feeling distracted, impaired, and lethargic. 

To get the most out of your cannabis experience, try going with a Sativa strain that provides uplifting and energetic effects, and try not to overdo and take too many puffs! 

The Best Cannabis Products for Artists

Kynd Super Lemon Haze Strain

With a sweet citrus flavor that tastes like tart lemon candy, this uplifting “wake and bake” strain induces a long-lasting, energetic and lively high, rendering the smiling user-focused, motivated and giggly!

City Trees Energy Toro Rojo

Enjoy the boost of mental focus and alertness from our City Trees’ energy blend, formulated to avoid the anxiety sometimes associated with true sativas. A balanced blend of a & b-pinene alongside limonene is specifically designed to combat lethargy and laziness, so you can push through projects and stay motivated. 

Cheeba Chews Sativa Chocolate

Perfect for controlling a precise dose, these edible candies from Cheeba Chews contain a sativa blend of THC and a dash of CBD. With 10mg of THC per edible, you can start low and work your way up to find the right level of high for you. 

Get Creating!

If you’re looking for cannabis products to help bring out your inner artist, our Oasis Online Menu is a great place to start. Check out our full range of products on our site, or visit our dispensary store to learn more about how cannabis can help you become more creative!

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