The Complete Tincture Dosage Guide

As cannabis’ notoriety as a beneficial health and wellness supplement grows, more and more companies are beginning to develop edible products that don’t require any smoke, designed specifically for a discreet, convenient and cleaner experience. Tinctures, in particular, have become quite popular due to their ability to administer precise doses of THC and CBD without having any negative impact on the lungs and respiratory system.

While tinctures have been on the market for some time now, many beginners are still unsure of how to fill that dropper with a dose that perfectly suits their needs! In this tincture dosage guide, we provide you with a few easy steps to make sure you have an easy, personalized tincture experience. 

How Tinctures Affect the Body

Before ingesting your tincture right away, it’s not a bad idea to get a deeper understanding of the product and how it will get you “high.” 

Most often, tinctures are taken sublingually using a dropper under the tongue, which will deliver the fast onset effects since the cannabinoids are absorbed by the membranes under the tongue and on the insides of the cheeks, and immediately carried into the bloodstream. When consuming tinctures sublingually, the effects will normally be felt within 15-30 minutes and can last for a few hours. 

Many people also choose to combine their tinctures with food and drink, adding some drops to a smoothie or even using it as a garnish on top of a new recipe! Keep in mind that when doing this, the absorption of cannabinoids will take upwards of an hour or more since your body is working to digest both your food and the tincture. 

Different Types of Tinctures

At Oasis, we have many different types of tinctures on our menu that range in strengths and potencies. Carefully choosing your tincture can help you tailor the experience to fit your needs, whether you’re looking to feel strong intoxicating effects or a mild, calm high. 

Here are a few different products from one of our favorite brands, City Trees, that deliver a range of results: 

Chocolate Agave Tincture (750mg)

For those looking for a tasty dose with stronger therapeutic and psychoactive effects, this tincture contains a higher amount of THC combined with the sweet flavors of Cocoa. It also contains MCT oil, which is known as a clean source of energy for the body and brain. 

Orange Cream 1:1 Tincture (100mg)

If you’re in the market for a tincture but do not want to feel any sort of heavy high, this 1:1 bottle contains a perfect balance of THC and CBD, at only 100mg. This combination of two different cannabinoids is great for those struggling with muscle soreness, inflammation, and insomnia. 

Blue Agave 1:1:1 Tincture (250mg)

One of the newest additions to CT’s lineup, this tincture contains equal parts THC, CBD, and CBG, a lesser-known non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the base structure of all other cannabis compounds. 

Finding Your Perfect Dose

We laid out a gradual two-week plan for tincture beginners so that you can build up your tolerance and find a dosing level that’s right for you. 

Week One

For the first few days of using tinctures, begin by going “low and slow,” with a dose of .25ml in the morning and at night. At the end of your first week, try taking .25ml in the morning and .50ml at night, and observe the effects and how it affects your sleep pattern. Record your thoughts and findings in a notebook, writing down how you feel each day. 

Week Two

The second week is focused on developing a balanced tolerance for your tincture, adjusting your dose depending on your observations from the previous week.

If you’re concerned about the level of intoxication you experienced, it’s okay to drop back your daily drops to .25ml. If you’re looking for a more therapeutic and potent high, try taking .50ml in the morning and night for the first few days, and then at the end of the week, try upping your nightly dose to .75ml. Continue to record your observations and think about how increasing/decreasing your dose affected your day-to-day. 

Recap and Reflect

At the end of your two-week testing period, take out your notebook and go over your experiences from your tincture journey. Think about how the doses made you feel, how your body and brain reacted to the changes, and how you felt before the experiment versus after. 

By considering these questions, you should be able to determine a level of dose that is safe for you and fits the effects and experience that you’re looking for. 

Buy Tinctures at Oasis

Whether you’re a tincture fanatic, or a beginner looking to get into smokeless cannabis, our Oasis dispensary and online store have plenty of great options in a variety of sizes, flavors, and potencies. 
Check out our menu to see our full selection, or stop by our Las Vegas dispensary and talk to one of our experienced budtenders! For more info on cannabis products that don’t require a lighter, take a look at our Cannabis Edibles Guide.

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