Brand Spotlight: City Trees

In our new Band Spotlight series, we’ll do a deep dive into some of our favorite companies and cannabis manufacturers that our Oasis customers and staff know and love. Starting off with a local brand based right here in Las Vegas, only a short drive from our dispensary, City Trees is a high-quality craft cannabis manufacturer with products in over 40 dispensaries across Nevada.

Check out our spotlight to learn more about this awesome company and how you can buy City Trees products in the Vegas area!

About City Trees

Inspired by the drive, innovation, and energy of the city, along with the connection, clarity, and grounding of the surrounding nature, City Trees understands the importance of the environment around us and how it affects our mental and physical state. 

Their team combines years of knowledge in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and distribution to deliver some of the highest quality distillate products in Nevada and New Mexico and help its customers get a cannabis experience tailored to their unique needs. Using their own special extraction processes and precise attention to detail, City Trees prides itself on creating award-winning, boutique tinctures, extracts, and vape products that deliver consistent results. 

How to Make the Best THC Distillates

The City Trees innovation, extraction, and conversion lab is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to cannabis manufacturing, with a focus on using the cleanest, most sustainable practices during the development process. 

All raw cannabis materials that enter the lab begin life in an isolated sanitation room, where any and all outside contaminants are removed to ensure maximum quality from the start. From there, fresh flower is frozen down to sub-zero temperatures to prevent denaturing of volatile terpenes, which are vital to creating their carefully tailored blends. All source materials are then transferred to an isolated, sanitary chamber and processed using a proprietary ethanol extraction system unseen anywhere else in the cannabis industry. 

To ensure the products are as clean and fresh as possible upon arriving at our store, City Trees stores their concentrates in safe, temperature-controlled environments, away from damaging light and heat. 


Energy Blend

With light notes of citrus and pine from limonene and pinene, this uplifting mixture will deliver a focused burst of sustained motivation without the crash. Perfect to use at the start of the day or before going out for a run, this blend will provide an energetic high without any brain fog!

Calm Blend

Consuming cannabis after a long day is also a great way to relax and unwind. City Trees’ Calm blend has a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD designed to relieve stress and pain without reintroducing terpenes or increasing psychoactivity. Proceeds from this blend are also contributed to their Trees for Trees initiative through a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. 


This blend contains a rich mixture of -caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, and pinene terpenes, combined with CBD designed to help you relieve muscle soreness and inflammation and recover from a tough workout. 


Close your eyes and relax with this terpene blend of myrcene and linalool that delivers hints of bright citrus and relaxing lavender. Indica-inspired, City Trees Rest products will melt away the stressful days and deliver relief from insomnia and anxiety.

Sustain Your State

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Blue Agave THC Tincture

Mixed into water, coffee, or a savory salad dressing sauce, this agave nectar-based THC tincture has a honey-like consistency and serves as a great alternative to artificial sugars and sweeteners. Consume a few drops on their own, or open up a world of recipes for a memorable dosed dinner party!

Chocolate Agave 1:1 Tincture

Experience a balance of savory and sweet, along with a perfect balance of CBD and THC. This tincture combines the natural sweetness of agave nectar, the cardiovascular benefits associated with cocoa, and the nutritional boost of MCT oil for a well-rounded, luxurious experience.


Banana Kush Dab Oil Applicator

Banana Kush checks all the boxes for indica-driven relaxation, wrapped in a smooth, tropical fruit flavor. Most of City Trees’ high-quality oils come in a sterile, all-glass applicator, perfect for refilling cartridges, dabbing at home, or infusing your favorite treats.

Energy Toro Rojo Dab Oil

Enjoy a rush of mental focus and alertness from City Trees’ Energy blend, carefully designed to combat laziness while avoiding the anxiety sometimes associated with true sativas

Vapes and Cartridges

Cherry Cola Distillate Cartridge

This Indica-dominant mix calms the mind and body with a soothing blend of herbal, spicy, and sweet flavors. CT’s universally sized cartridges are compatible with any 510 threaded battery and offer long-lasting performance and leak resistance. 

Peach Rings Disposable Vape

Delivered in a convenient disposable pen ready to use right out of the package, this highly sought-after hybrid delivers a full-body effect with a rich, fruity terpene profile.

Calm Cucumber Melon Vape

If you’re looking for a quick and easy vaping experience with lesser psychoactive effects, this pen offers a balanced blend of THC and CBD, designed to relieve anxiety and pain without a heavy or intense high. 

Follow City Trees

To stay up to date on new City Trees products and content, be sure to follow them at @citytreesnv on Instagram, and check out their blog that provides instructional guides and helpful info on how to get the most out of their amazing vapes, tinctures, and extracts. If you’re looking to buy City Trees products and are in the Las Vegas area, stop by our dispensary location or visit our online menu to schedule a delivery right to your door!

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