Best Concentrates in Las Vegas

You probably heard of orange juice concentrate and maybe even concentrated coffee, but did you know that the cannabis plant can be concentrated too? 

Like with fruit, people have discovered methods to strip marijuana down to a purer form, giving customers a higher quality cannabis experience. Not only do concentrates allow you to dose precisely and efficiently, but they also open you up to more refined flavors and complex tastes that are often masked when smoking flower. 

This article will outline the different types of concentrates, oils, and extracts, how to use them, and show you where to find the best concentrates in Las Vegas!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates, oils and extracts are all interlocking terms used to describe any product derived from distilling or pressing cannabis flower into its most refined and desirable parts. During this process, the unwanted plant material is removed while the cannabinoids and terpenes are conserved, resulting in a much more potent THC level (50-90%) than cannabis flower (15-25%). 

These cannabinoids and terpenes that remain after the extraction process are the primary elements responsible for inducing a psychoactive high, as well as the flavor and smell of the cannabis plant. The 200+ terpenes in cannabis can yield many different aromas like mint, citrus, and berry, often masked when smoking a flower using a pipe or joint, but can be tasted once extracted into a concentrate.  

Here are some popular types of concentrates that you’re likely to find at the dispensary:

Oil Extract: The liquid commonly used in vape cartridges.

Shatter: A brown, hard candy-like substance that many experts believe is the purest form of cannabis concentrate.

Wax: Similar to shatter but much softer and stickier texture. 

Rosin: A solventless concentrate made using a hydraulic press to keep the plant’s terpenes. 

Budder: A form of rosin that’s usually yellow, slightly oily, and soft. 

How to use Cannabis Concentrates

The most common way to consume cannabis concentrates is “dabbing,” which is a form of vaporizing the extract using a dab rig (a glass device similar to a bong) and a glass or ceramic nail. During this process, the nail or bowl of the rig is heated to around 500-700 degrees, and the concentrate is directly applied onto the hot surface, turning it into an inhalable vapor.

Another great way to consume concentrates on the go is using a vape pen with a pre-filled oil cartridge. Although they’re not as potent as dabbing, vape pens have a short onset time and are much more convenient, small enough to put right in your pocket for easy access. 

Adding wax to your flower, whether on top of a bowl or wrapped around a joint, is also a cheap and easy way to consume cannabis concentrates and add a little extra flavor without investing in a dab rig. 

The Best Concentrates in Las Vegas

With 80 different concentrate products and nearly 20 brands to choose from, buying your first extract can sometimes be a bit daunting. Here are some of our favorite local companies that we currently stock:

City Trees

City Trees is one of the area’s premier cannabis distillate companies, focused on bringing quality products to customers through sustainable cultivation methods. Their Live Resin Batter is incredibly potent, with a smooth texture that makes it easy to achieve a consistent dosage and scoop size with a dab tool. 

Aether Gardens

Founded in 2018, Aether Gardens aims to create cannabis products “fit for the gods,” tailored directly to your mood. The company boasts a 90,000 sq. foot operating facility on 18-acres, right outside in Northern Las Vegas. Our favorite Aether concentrate is the JMO Cookies Cured Rosin. With a THC content of 71.3%, it’ll be sure to give you a fast-acting and potent high!

Deep Roots Harvest

Located in Mesquite, Deep Roots Harvest creates high-grade extracts that are always quality controlled and tested to ensure clean and consistent results. Check out their Fortune Cookies Shatter, made from 100% Nevada-grown cannabis. 

PANNA Extracts

PANNA’s Extracts are made exclusively from top-shelf, indoor cannabis flowers that are frozen immediately upon harvest, never dried or cured. Their Pink Runtz Sugar Wax has a crumbly, sticky consistency that is rich in flavor and extremely easy to apply onto a rig. 

The Bottom Line

Our online shop is full of the best concentrates in Las Vegas. Check out our menu to browse concentrates, extracts, and oils from some of Nevada’s best cannabis companies. For more info on new and exciting ways to consume cannabis, check out our guide on Marijuana Edibles!

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