Cannabis for Yoga

As the popularity of cannabis increases across the country, many health and fitness enthusiasts are beginning to recognize the plant’s potential as a medicinal supplement and incorporate the plant into their daily wellness routine. In yoga, some instructors have started to integrate cannabis into their lessons to help facilitate relaxation and expand the mind and body before getting into a session. This practice is sometimes known as “ganja yoga.”

While it may seem like the benefits of cannabis and yoga go hand in hand, it is essential to remember that the plant should be used safely and responsibly in a spiritual setting. Check out this guide to learn how to add cannabis correctly to your yoga practice and enhance your experience on the mat!

History of Cannabis and Yoga

Believe it or not, the relationship between cannabis and yoga is not new at all. Records show that the plant has been growing naturally in the mountainous regions of India for thousands of years, in the same areas that conceived the practice of yoga. Cannabis, though not utilized in all forms of yoga, was first integrated into the Kundalini and Tantric methods as a part of ceremonial rituals. 

In ancient India’s Vedic Scriptures, the central body of religious text, cannabis was regarded as one of the five essential plants to help develop one’s spiritual journey. It was also recognized as the favorite food of Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism.

The combination of cannabis and yoga became modernized in 2009 when San Francisco-based instructor Dee Dussault began to offer the first fully legal, cannabis-enhanced classes. Since then, the practice has become a significant trend in the United States and abroad, and Dussault has even authored a best-selling book titled Ganja Yoga!

Benefits of Cannabis for Yoga

Cannabis has many different benefits that can facilitate your yoga experience and help you get the most out of your session. At a lower dose, many people find that cannabis will help enhance concentration, allowing you to be more focused when perfecting a specific movement or pose. 

The plant’s anti-inflammatory properties also ease anxiety throughout the body and brain, making it easier to clear your mind before getting on the mat and alleviate tension in the muscles. Many argue that combining cannabis with yoga can also induce a higher state of consciousness, making the experience more intense and more enjoyable. Dussault refers to this process as “quieting the ego,” where there is a complete focus on the present moment and a deep sense of connection in all parts of the body. 

This overall sense of well-being, calmness, and peace that cannabis can help induce is what many strive for in their yoga and spiritual journey. 

Adding Cannabis to Your Yoga Routine

In yoga as well as cannabis, balance is everything. Just as you want to have poise and stability when doing different poses, you also want to have a proper balance of CBD and THC that suits your personal needs and an appropriate dose that doesn’t overwhelm or overpower you. 

Here are a few safety tips to ensure that you get a healthy and enjoyable ganja yoga experience:

Lower Your Dose

It’s important to remember that the goal of combining cannabis and yoga is not to get too high but to relax and become more focused on the present. If you’re planning on dosing before your session, try taking a single hit or eating an edible that’s lower in strength. It’s also good to stay in your comfort zone by using strains or products you are already familiar with. 

Consult An Instructor

If you’re nervous about adding cannabis to your routine, think about consulting your instructor and talking about how it will affect your spiritual journey. You can also search online for instructors in your area that specialize in ganja yoga and visit a studio that is cannabis friendly!

Proper Nutrition/Hydration

Eating and drinking plenty of water before your yoga session is essential, regardless of whether you’re using cannabis or not. Proper nutrition and blood sugar are the keys to staying stable during challenging poses and having the energy needed to get through a more extended session! 

Cannabis can sometimes dry the mouth, so keep a water bottle near the mat just in case. It’s also not a bad idea to have a piece of fruit or snack nearby, just in case you start to feel a bit weak. 

Try Smokeless Cannabis

If you have any concerns about cannabis smoke damaging your lungs, edibles and tinctures are an excellent way to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis still! Not only are they discreet and easy to put in your workout bag, but they also give you an uplifting high that won’t put any strain on your breathing. 

Best Cannabis Products for Yoga

City Trees has a selection of products to help you get in the zone and on the mat. Here are a few recommendations for any yogi looking to add cannabis to their practice.

Energy Blend Vape Pen

This uplifting blend delivers a focused burst of sustained energy without any crash with a bright and citrusy terpene profile. Perfect for getting rid of “brain fog” and getting motivated to try some new poses!

20:1 Tincture

If you’re new to cannabis, choosing a strain lower in THC will give you a calming feeling without any overwhelming sensation. This Tincture contains a 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC, giving you pain relief and relaxation with very mild psychoactive effects. 

Pure THC Blue Agave Tincture

For more experienced smokers, this pure THC tincture is an easy and convenient way to take a more potent dose and relax your brain before going into the yoga studio! Put a few drops under the tongue, and you’ll feel the calming and euphoric effects within 15 minutes. 

For more tips on using cannabis to improve your health and wellness routine, check out City Trees’ article on Cannabis for Runners.

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