Wedding Cake

If City Trees puts their name on a concentrate, you know they’re going to bring their best. When they decided to collaborate on a new live resin, they found a perfect match with an incredible cultivator that shares their passion for sustainability and quality – State Flower. With the first ever live resin interpretation of one of State Flower’s most sought-after strains, this batch of Wedding Cake brings together Environcann certified flower, recyclable packaging, and a hit that proves that these two players are a perfect pair. 

We sat down with City Trees’ Director of Laboratory Operations, Dr. Dominick Monaco, to talk about how they arrived at the rich, flavorful, live resin batter you can now find at Oasis Cannabis Dispensary.

Why did you select Wedding Cake for this collaboration?

Wedding Cake was chosen for this collaboration for a number of different reasons: This is a highly sought out strain in multiple markets, the resin production of this plant creates higher yields during the extraction process, and the aroma is unique. 

What makes this concentrate unique and what kind of effects can users expect?

The uniqueness of this concentrate is owed to it’s aroma and effect. The terpene profile is floral, creamy, and volatile, making for a flavorful amalgamation of different, yet synergistic, notes. The effect of this hybrid strain is powerful and will impress even the most tenured connoisseurs, with a full body effect that will also calm the mind.  The most prevalent terpenes in the starting flower that helped lead us to this decision are as follows: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, & Humulene. 

How did the idea for this product come to be? (& why a batter?)

City Trees and State Flower always want to bring their best to the table in every endeavor and we believe this collaboration will truly represent the expertise both organizations have to offer. Through a carefully curated Vendor Qualification process between both parties, the idea to collaborate and highlight both companies strengths in a single product became wildly apparent. 

We chose batter for this product for multiple reasons: batter is a nice homogenous mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes & owing to that, the user will experience the same flavors and effects every time; batter is easier to physically work with for the end-user and we want to make the experience enjoyable and simple in application.

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