Happy Veterans Day!

Oasis appreciates all of our veterans, and we’re proud to have some incredible service members on our team. Today, we’re thanking RJ, one of our long-time security officers. RJ has been with Oasis since the beginning in 2015, and served in the US Air Force from 1985-1989, until transfering to a position with the Department of Defence police. Thanks for your service, RJ, and thank you for being an awesome Oasis team member!

How has cannabis impacted your life as a veteran?

With some of the wear and tear on your body, through years of training and details, it definitely takes a toll. Cannabis has been great for me. It relieves the pains and discomfort when they occur. 

What types of products have been beneficial to you?

Topicals, tinctures, and edibles!

What advice do you have for other veterans looking to incorporate cannabis into their life in the military? 

Give it a try and chance. The old views of cannabis do not apply anymore – let it go. I have met many veterans over the years at Oasis. 

One in particular who came to Oasis because the medicine he was receiving from the VA was no longer working. He was on a walker, on oxygen, and could only walk several steps before resting. He shared with me that his conditions were a result of his service in Vietnam. 

After several months of medicating with cannabis products (RSO and tinctures), this veteran came in without a walker and could now walk 15 steps instead of 4 when we first met. He said it made his quality of life so much better.

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