The 5 Best Smoke & See Spots in Las Vegas

A visit to the dispensary has become an essential part of many tourists’ planning their trips to Las Vegas. With Vegas being one of the country’s premier tourist destinations, many flock to the city to gamble, sight-see, and purchase cannabis products. While residents can enjoy their products from the comfort of their own homes, visitors will need to find a 420-friendly place to consume. This is tricky for most tourists, but Airbnb and certain hotels are now offering 420-friendly rooms for tourists looking to smoke or consume while on their vacation. We’ll go into more detail about these options later in this guide.

For any tourist in Nevada, you probably already have your agenda set, but a quick word of advice before you set off on your adventures; Nevada law prohibits the consumption of cannabis outside of private residences. It also bans smoking in casinos, hotels, parked cars, etc. So please be careful, be mindful of your surroundings, and plan ahead if you’re stopping by a dispensary when making your way here. Now that we got the legal stuff out of the way, listed below are some of the best spots to see in Vegas after lighting up.

1 – The Strip

You came all this way, so this should be one of your first stops along your trip. If gambling’s not your thing, spend your time walking around the Strip; there is plenty to do in this relatively small location. Have you never been to France to see the Eiffel Tower? Now you (sort of) can, along with the Statue of Liberty, and plenty of other world wonders and flashing lights.

2 – Endless Buffets

Most don’t generally think of food when visiting Las Vegas, but one thing we are known for is going big or going home. Luckily for you, this also applies to buffets. Las Vegas buffets are world-renowned and won’t run you too much money. Most buffets range in price from $20-100, but no matter where you go, you’ll be in for a treat or many treats. However many you decide, toke up and check out some of the many buffets Las Vegas has to offer.

3 – High on the High Roller

One of the more relaxed experiences in Las Vegas is the giant ferris wheel located on the Strip called the High Roller. This isn’t your typical ferris wheel, however; on the wheel are luxurious cabins that people can rent out or use for a quick ride. These large cabins fit up to 40 people, with some including a bar on the inside, so while you can’t smoke inside, you can get a quick drink and take in the views. Tickets only cost about $20, and it’ll surely be an experience you’ll never forget.

4 – Casinos  

You came all this way; why not check out the places that made Las Vegas famous? With plenty of options at your disposal, casinos are the perfect place to spend the night if you’re looking to have some fun. Please try not to have too much fun though – we want you to still have the deed to your house when the night is over. The casinos such as Luxor and Golden Nugget are great places to stop by after toking, all jokes aside. Even if you don’t gamble, the interior of these places is a sight to behold.

5 – Fountains of Bellagio

One of the most iconic locations in Las Vegas, and arguably the country, is the Fountains of Bellagio. This budget-friendly location is perfect for anyone looking for a quick 4-minute show. This jaw-dropping feature is full of choreographed water jets that shoot 450 feet into the sky with a full light and music show in the background. These shows start every 15 minutes, so it’s almost impossible to miss them.

6- Go Skydiving 

This one might seem a little extreme for some, but this is perfect if you’ve ever dreamed of dropping out of a plane while stoned with a person attached to your back. Edibles would be perfect for this experience, but be prepared cause it’s going to be intense. 

Cannabis-Friendly Accommodations

Suppose you plan on hitting up the dispensary while on your visit to Vegas; it may be a good idea to look into some 420-friendly accommodations for your trip. Smoking in Las Vegas hotel rooms is prohibited, but fortunately, you have a few other options to pursue if looking for a smoke-friendly place to stay.

Some Airbnb listings in Vegas are labeled explicitly as cannabis-friendly. Other listing websites like Bud and Breakfast or Cannabis Tours specifically curate accommodation options for stoners looking for a place to enjoy their goodies.

It is always good to confirm the smoking policies with the owner or property manager before booking any accommodations. Once you arrive, make sure to respect the rules set forth by the owner. Be a courteous guest; even smoke-friendly rentals may have some rules about where you can and cannot light up.
It can be challenging for tourists to find places to consume cannabis during their trip to Las Vegas, but with a little bit of planning and research, anyone coming to Vegas can enjoy cannabis. And if you’re headed to Vegas in the future, be sure to check out our menu and stock up for the trip!

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