We get it. 2020 sucks. The year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but mostly downs for a lot of us. Cannabis has been a source of relief for so many of us in this difficult time, whether to help alleviate stress, deal with pain, or make that show you’ve seen a dozen times that much more entertaining again. We’re honored to have kept you rolling through this year, and to round out 2020, we want to deliver Flower to the People with the absolute best deals on flower all month long. 

Ounces, halves, quarters, and top shelf eighths should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the hard times we’ve faced and will face together in the new year. Tack on the stress of holiday shopping and we know we’ll need something to round off the edges in December! Stop in or keep an eye here on the website to check out some of the best pricing on the strains you’re after. Order curbside or delivery for an even easier way to restock the stash!

One of the positive highlights of our year has been all the new team members we met, including our new general manager, Lissa Laswatch! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Lissa yet, be sure to stop in and say hi next time you’re in need of a smoke and a smile. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  I moved to Las Vegas 18 years ago and was only supposed to be a 5 year plan, but I fell in love with the city and ended up staying!  I was a banker and undercover cannabis lover all my life.  About 5 years ago, I left 25 years of banking and jumped into cannabis with both feet.  I have worked at a couple of dispensaries over the last 5 years, and found a home at Oasis Cannabis.  My passion has always been in helping to develop and grow people in their career goals.  Cannabis is unique and I find it rewarding to lead in a new industry.

What’s your favorite thing about Oasis?

The people at Oasis make Oasis special.  The synergistic effects of people focused on their skill and doing it day in and day out is special.  So often you find in dispensaries that people have to pull duty in multiple departments.  When you do this, people only do the bare minimum and nothing is done with excellence. 

Also, Oasis is in touch with the cannabis culture.  From its people to the vibe in the store, Oasis hasn’t sold out to the corporate companies and is still true to cannabis culture. 

What’s your preferred method of cannabis consumption, and what’s your favorite product in the shop?

My prefered method of consumption is a good old blunt after a long day.  I have come a long way from brick weed that you have to remove seeds from, to a cannabis connoisseur.  I enjoy Nature’s Chemistry’s Garlic Cookies and Polaris’ Blue Maui.  I’ve become a fan of the Kush Mountains from Cannabiotix.  I also enjoy dabbing out of my Puffco when I don’t feel like taking the time to roll a blunt, and the new City Trees live resin is what I have been smoking.  The Crunch Berries and the Wedding Cake are my current favorites. 

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