Real People, Real Cannabis | Meet Lissa

At Oasis Cannabis we are proud to have a team of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals that provide attentive service to our community. As a part of our Real People, Real Cannabis initiative we are publishing employee spotlights so you can get to know everyone at Oasis Cannabis. 

Meet our General Manager, Lissa.

Where are you originally from?

Denver, CO

How long have you been at Oasis and what is your role?

I’ve been at Oasis now for 6 months and I am the General Manager. I have been a general manager in the cannabis industry for 4 to 5 years, so while I am new to Oasis, I am not new to the industry.

What things do you enjoy most outside of work/cannabis?

When I have the time I love to travel. Lately it has been tough to travel with COVID. But I generally love to go on a beach vacation at least once a year. Puerto Rico and Hawaii are two of my favorite places to go.

How has cannabis impacted your life?

Generally everybody has a story about how they got involved with cannabis. Most of the time it is about a family member that found relief with cannabis. I generally fell in love with cannabis as a recreational user in college. I always told everyone that I loved marijuana and that I was never going to stop smoking it, and through all of these years I am still loyal to the plant. Love it, keeps me grounded and I will probably never stop smoking cannabis.

What is your favorite cannabis product or consumption method?

My favorite way of consuming cannabis is kind of old school. I love to roll a blunt and smoke the whole darn thing in one sitting. So that is usually how I consume. I’ve tried to do other things like dabbing and stuff like that. I’ve gotten really good at that with my Puffco but for the most part I go back to the old school way of smoking flower.

What makes Oasis unique to you?

Oasis is most unique to me because it is still in touch with the cannabis culture. I say that because I’ve been to many different dispensaries and some have gone very corporate and some have not left the medical field of cannabis. What I love about Oasis is that it has kept its roots from medical to recreational to where it is now. You’ll see it in the people, you’ll see it in the music, you’ll see it in the experience that you have at Oasis. They have not left what cannabis culture really means. I think people say “cannabis culture” a lot and do not know what it really means. If you need to know what it means, come to Oasis and you will experience it. 

Any local organizations/charities that are close to your heart?

The local organization that is closest to my heart is the Chamber of Cannabis. The reason I say that is because they are one of the organizations in town that is really trying to be on the forefront of changing legislation and laws here in Las Vegas where cannabis is concerned. 

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