Real People, Real Cannabis | Meet Janesha

At Oasis Cannabis we are proud to have a team of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals that provide attentive service to our community. As a part of our Real People, Real Cannabis initiative we are publishing employee spotlights so you can get to know everyone at Oasis!

Meet one of our Budtenders, Janesha.

Where are you originally from?

Dallas, TX

How long have you been at Oasis and what is your role?

This March will make a year that I have been at Oasis Cannabis. I am currently a Budtender, so I started right at the beginning of the pandemic.

What things do you enjoy most outside of work/cannabis?

Outside of work and cannabis I am always trying to have the fullest experience possible in life. I love to fill my time with things that can help me better myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m usually dancing with my hoola hoops and poi balls on roller skates or on a dance pole. I also like to spend a lot of time connecting with nature on hikes and camping and just having a good smoke. Outside of that you can find me learning a new skill or planning my business for my long term goals in cannabis.

How has cannabis impacted your life?

Cannabis has consumed my life in the best way possible. After receiving my Agricultural Communications and Journalism degree I never imagined I’d use my experience to work in cannabis. Coming from an illegal state, the legalization of recreational cannabis right after I moved to Vegas was a game changer. Not only was weed accessible for all, it could actually be a legitimate profession. In college I was already a member of the University NORML Chapter, so legalization right after I graduated and moved to Vegas felt like the stars were aligning. Almost immediately I decided that cannabis was going to be a part of my long term career plan. Now I eat, sleep, breathe cannabis and I love it!

What is your favorite cannabis product or consumption method?

My favorite cannabis product can never be narrowed down to just one. There are so many products with a different effect for every purpose. My cannabis collection is my apothecary closet, however my favorite way to consume is always a nice fat blunt of something sticky, preferably with dabs wrapped strategically around the blunt and a perfect spiral for a premier smoking experience!

What makes Oasis unique to you?

You can walk right into the store and feel what makes Oasis different. We are your neighborhood Oasis. Our customers tend to build strong relationships with the staff and it makes for a very warm, familial shopping experience. We remember your family and trials and tribulations because you are a part of our Oasis family. Our customers can feel that when they come in.

Any local organizations/charities that are close to your heart?

Budtender Fight Club will always hold a special place in my heart. They were integral to my initial cannabis education and I may not be working here right now if it wasn’t for BFC.

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