Real People, Real Cannabis – Meet Bianca!

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – our team is what makes Oasis the special place that it is. This week, we sat down with Bianca, one of our incredibly talented, hard-working team members to learn more about her experience with cannabis, Oasis, and life outside of work.

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Chicago and spent half my life in Texas.

How long have you been at Oasis and what is your role?

I’ve been at Oasis for a year and a half so far. Honestly, I bounce all around the store, budtending, dispatching for delivery, cashing out curbside orders and assisting MODs.

What things do you enjoy most outside of work/cannabis?

I absolutely love traveling, hiking, sledding, longboarding, outdoor roller skating and all things nature.

How has cannabis impacted your life?

Coming from Texas to the legal industry here, my life was entirely changed. With education and the breaking down of all the stigmas and lies I’d been fed my whole life, I discovered what cannabis truly is. Cannabis is my passion and a miracle plant with so many benefits to practically everyone on this Earth in some shape or form. Thus, I made it my mission to help provide education and access to cannabis to as many people as I can in my life.

What is your favorite cannabis product or consumption method?

I will be a flower girl until the day I die. If I need a tolerance break, so be it, but I’ll never resort to solely dabbing or vaping. It simply isn’t the same experience. My favorite strains are Green Crack and Sugar Tits. 

What makes Oasis unique to you?

Oasis has a unique atmosphere about the store that emanates from the team and the customer experience that we provide. Spreading Knowledge has always been Oasis’ core value that resonates with me most and it definitely sets the store apart. We are one of the very few dispensaries nationwide that displays terpenes to help customers make educated purchases. We’re now spoiled and things are tricky when we travel, but we just need to keep setting the standard so that everyone else can eventually catch up.

Any local organizations/charities that are close to your heart?

I would have to say that NORML receives most of my attention on the non profit front, as they are still extremely crucial to the development of this industry. Locally, we are stuck with an ethical dilemma, selling so much weed to tourists without providing them enough space to consume safely. NORML is putting in the necessary work to legalize more spaces and give back to the community.

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