How to Roll a Joint

Whatever your smoking method of choice, knowing how to roll a joint is always a handy skill to master. Just because it’s important, however, doesn’t mean it’s easy – which is why we have put together this guide that will have you rolling pearled joints every single time.

What You Need

There are a few things you’ll need to have on hand to make your joint rolling go smoothly: your cannabis flower of choice, a cannabis grinder (or another method for breaking up your flower), rolling papers, a pen, and a crutch or a small piece of cardstock for the joint filter.

Step 1: Grind Your Flower

The first step to joint rolling is to grind your flower. A metal grinder with a compartment for the ground flower is prime, but you can even use your hands to grind flower if you’re in a pinch. For standard-sized rolling papers, about half a gram of ground flower is usually enough to fill the joint easily without ripping the paper.

Step 2: Make a Crutch

The second step to rolling a perfect joint is making a crutch or tip to put at one side of the joint. If you’re an avid joint smoker, you can buy joint tips in bulk. Otherwise, grab a small piece of cardstock from a business card or whatever else you have laying around and roll it around in your fingers, forming a small tube.

Step 3: Fill the Joint

Place your rolling paper on a flat, clean surface. Each rolling paper will have a strip of glue for securing the joint on one side – make sure that the side is facing up before filling the joint. Place your crutch at one side of the rolling paper and tap your ground flower onto the paper. Pick up the paper and carefully begin shaping the joint with your fingers.

Step 4: Pack the Joint

This next step is the most important and most challenging. Once the joint is shaped in your hand, pinch the two ends of the paper in your fingers and roll it back and forth, packing down the cannabis into the shape of the joint.

Step 5: Roll and Seal the Joint

If you’ve made it this far, you’re almost there! Once the flower is packed properly into a cone shape, lick the top of the rolling paper and gently secure it to the other side. There will be an empty space at the top – simply pinch and twist the excess paper to seal the flower inside.

There you have it: the Oasis-approved guide to rolling perfect joints. Remember, practice makes perfect! No one rolls a perfect joint their first time, but everyone can become a pro with consistent practice. And if you’re still struggling to make that perfect joint happen, Oasis has many preroll options on our menu!

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