What to Expect When You Visit a Las Vegas Dispensary

Adult-use cannabis has been in Nevada for almost two years now, and dispensary visits have become a regular part of life for many Las Vegans. However, if you are visiting for the week or new to cannabis altogether, it can be difficult to know what to expect when you step foot into a dispensary. Keep reading for an all-you-need-to-know guide for before, during, and after your Las Vegas dispensary visit.

Before Your Visit

Do Your Research

If you are new to cannabis, it can be helpful to do some preliminary research before heading to the dispensary for the first time. Start thinking about the effects you’d like your cannabis product to provide and what (if any) symptoms you are looking to treat. It also may be helpful to start researching different consumption methods and which products are compatible with each.

This information may be slightly overwhelming to anyone unfamiliar with cannabis, but don’t worry yourself too much. As long as you have a general understanding of the different products available and the effects you are seeking from your cannabis, your experienced budtender will be able to provide more information and tailored recommendations to your needs.

Check Store Availability

If you are in the market for a specific product or type of product, you should check the store availability of the dispensaries in your area to find the product in stock. Las Vegas dispensary menus can frequently update, so it may be helpful to check their website just prior to heading over.

Bring the Necessary Items

Valid Identification

Anyone looking to purchase adult-use cannabis in Nevada must be at least 21 years of age and present a valid government-issued ID at the time of purchase. Regardless of age, a dispensary will not sell products to anyone who fails to present valid identification at purchase.

Medical Marijuana Card, If Applicable

Those who are approved for Nevada’s medical marijuana program must bring their medical card to the dispensary at the time of purchase. Minors who are approved for cannabis use through Nevada’s medical marijuana program must be accompanied by their registered caregiver at all times while inside of a dispensary.

Some dispensaries offer discounts for medical marijuana patients, so this is something else that you may want to look into when choosing a dispensary.

Cash, or Use an ATM

Cash is still king. Most Nevada dispensaries operate on a cash-only basis, so make sure you bring cash to the dispensary or plan to use an on-site ATM when you arrive.

During Your Visit

Expect a Short Wait

Upon arrival, you will likely be asked to wait in a waiting room until it is your turn to be served. Dispensaries only allow a certain number of guests to enter at one time — this ensures that each customer has the opportunity to discuss their needs with a qualified budtender. Each store has its own way of handling this, but whatever their system is, you won’t find a crowd once you’re actually inside.

Ask Questions

Even if you’ve done your prior research, you may still have more questions about which strains, products, and consumption methods are right for you. Don’t hesitate to ask your budtender any questions you may have.

Be open with your budtender about the effects you would like to feel and your experience with cannabis, and they can offer a few different product recommendations based on your needs.

After Your Visit

Things to Know

There are several things you should keep in mind after leaving the dispensary with your products. Smoking cannabis in public places is prohibited, as is operating a vehicle while smoking, so you’ll need to head home before you open or use your cannabis. 

It is also important to note that Nevada state law prohibits anyone from possessing more than one ounce of flower or a ⅛ of an ounce of concentrate at any one time (and no dispensary will sell you more than this amount).

Trying Your Products

Now for the best part: trying your products. As always, start low and go slow with your new cannabis products, especially if it is a new consumption method. Take note of the products and strains you liked or didn’t like. This will help with your purchasing decisions the next time you head to the dispensary.

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