What are Flower Vaporizers, and Why Are They Useful?

For those looking to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis without experiencing the harmful effects of smoke, flower vaporizers or “dry herb” vaporizers are a great option. While much of the vaping experience depends on the quality of the flower you put in, these devices provide an overall cleaner high. Many toxins associated with consuming cannabis through traditional methods are removed when the plant is vaporized.

This article outlines many of the benefits of using a flower vaporizer versus traditional smoking methods so that you can have a healthier and more holistic cannabis experience! 

How Flower Vaporizers Work

Instead of bowls, bongs, and joints where a flame is applied to the cannabis flower to combust the plant into smoke, vaporizers heat the material at a much lower temperature, creating a vapor that can easily be inhaled. Breathing in the vapor allows the psychoactive cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and attach to our CB receptors at a much quicker rate. On average, the temperature required to convert plant material into vapor ranges anywhere from 320 ℉ to 355 ℉. 

All flower vaporizers on the market will heat cannabis through one of two methods, convection heating, and conduction heating.

Conduction Heating

Vaporizers with a conduction heating method involve direct contact between the herb and a heated surface, providing a quicker burn that allows for immediate inhalation. While this is the method of choice for most vape manufactures, conduction heating has a reputation for having trickier temperature control and an uneven distribution of heat, making it more difficult for beginner vapers. 

Convection Heating

With a convection heating method, the herb doesn’t come into any direct contact with the heating element, with hot air instead of being driven around and through the plant through inhalation or a fan inside the vape. This style of vaporizing is known to be more effective than a conduction method, as heat is applied to all parts of the bud simultaneously. Convection vapes are often priced higher but allow for greater temperature control and an overall better user experience. 

Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking

Fewer Toxins

Although cigarettes contain far more toxins than cannabis, marijuana smoke can also contain carcinogens that may be harmful to the body, as well as tar that may make its way into your throat and lungs. One of the biggest benefits of using a vaporizer compared to traditional smoking methods is that the overall quality of what you inhale is much cleaner and contains far fewer toxins than simply burning cannabis flower. 

Less Stress on Respiratory System

One of the biggest benefits of switching to a flower vaporizer is that it puts far less stress on the respiratory system due to the lower temperatures required to create vapor in comparison to smoke. If you have a lung or throat issue that normally causes you pain or irritation when smoking, switching to a vaporizer might allow you to enjoy cannabis while being easier on your body in the long run. 

Vaporizers are Discreet and Portable

In addition to being less harmful to the body, using a flower vaporizer is a great way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis on the go. Not only does the vapor dissipate much faster than smoke, but it also has a significantly more mild smell due to its lighter texture. Cannabis smoke will usually stick to clothes or carpets, but vapor, on the other hand, lingers much less. 

The overall size and design of vapes also make them a perfect device for enjoying an easy and portable high, with most vaporizers being small enough to fit at your desk or even in your pocket!


While dry herb vapes are slightly more expensive than bongs or bowls and may require an initial upfront investment, they are actually more cost-effective for those who smoke on a frequent basis. With vapes, you can limit your usage easier and control your dose to allow for a great high without any wasted bud. Another great advantage is that they can be turned off whenever unlike that joint that you have to put out and relight constantly. 

Start Shopping!

Getting the most out of your flower vaporizer often depends on the quality of the strain you put in it. Check out the Oasis online menu to see our full range of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains that go perfect with any vaporizer so you can have a healthy cannabis experience that meets your personal and medicinal needs. 
For more information on other types of smokeless cannabis, take a look at our Marijuana Edibles Guide.

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