Things to Know About Dabbing In 2023

Those new to cannabis might be shocked at all the possible consumption methods for enjoying the magical plant.  If your primary exposure to cannabis is through movies and television, you might think the only way to ingest it is through smoking, or maybe by eating infused baked goods.

However, cannabis is much more versatile than most people think and can be enjoyed in numerous ways. For instance, there’s dabbing, which continues to grow in popularity due to its potency. 

Read on as we delve into the nuances of dabs below:

No–We’re Not Talking About A Dance Move

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this article, we should address the elephant in the room. Dabbing–the cannabis consumption method–shares the same name as an Atlanta-derived dance move. 

This dance was popularized by the famous quarterback Cam Newton when he’d score one of his highlight-reel touchdowns. The only reason we bring this topic up is the confusion caused by the dual meaning. 

Henceforth, when we refer to dabbing, we’re using it as part of cannabis vocabulary, not in reference to busting a move.

So–What Do We Mean By Dabbing?

Unsurprisingly, dabbing isn’t a technical term. It’s slang for consuming high concentrations of THC (cannabis’s psychoactive component). 

More to the point, a dab is butane hash oil (BHO) that’s highly concentrated and extracted by a chemical process. Dabs are also known as shatter, amber, honeycomb, budder, and wax.

How Potent Are Dabs?

On a scale of mellow and chill to feeling like you’ve been launched to the moon–dabs might be closer to the latter for someone new to cannabis. That isn’t to say you can’t manage your dab doses for a more relaxed, therapeutic experience. It’s just to point out that you’ll want to start low and go slow as a beginner.

BHO or dabs often have a THC concentration of around 80% and can even veer toward 90%. That’s a lot of THC. For added context, heavier cannabis flower only ranges up to 40% and typically hovers closer to 20%, going as low as under 10%.

Can You Dab Legally?

On the US federal level, adult use of cannabis (even medically) is illegal. However, any cannabis connoisseur knows that legalities change from state to state. In Vegas, adults 21 and over can consume and possess up to an ounce of cannabis flower legally. 

That said, dabs aren’t the same as flower and are thus subjected to different rules. Fortunately, for dabbing enthusiasts, it is legal to possess 1/8th of an ounce of cannabis concentrate in Nevada, extending to dabs.

The Mechanics Of Dabbing

Consuming dabs requires that the concentrate is heated to white-hot temperatures, then inhaled through a glass pipe, affectionately known as an oil rig (or dab rig).

Dabs are placed on a “nail” attached to the oil rig, and the wax is heated with a torch, producing a vapor meant for inhaling. After consuming dabs via this method, the effects are felt almost immediately.

Another method of dabbing involves taking your BHO, putting it in a vaping device, and inhaling.

Is Dabbing Safe?

At Oasis, cannabis is our life, and we support the responsible and legal consumption of all related products. However, it’d be wrong not to address the risks involved with dabbing.

Cannabis, in its tamest form, wrapped up in a joint and smoked, isn’t going to cause many problems beyond maybe overeating or giggling uncontrollably. Those might be cliches, but you’ll often find those docile reactions to be the reality.

Dabs are a whole different ball game from standard smoking. 

In one sense, yes, you can enjoy an excellent experience with such products. You can expand your mind and take your thought processes to places you never thought possible because of the intensity of the high.

Yet, there’s another side to that coin. When you kick up the intensity from the typical 15%-20% THC levels of cannabis flower and veer into the 70% to 90% dab territory, risks are involved. While the comparison isn’t apples to apples, imagine spending your life drinking light beer (or no alcohol) and then drinking half a 40oz bottle of whiskey. That’s a dangerous proposition.   

Are we saying not to try dabs? Nope–that’s not what we’re saying at all.

Dabs are fantastic, and if you’re curious–barring any medical problems that could make dabbing riskier–you should try them. It can be an exciting adventure when done safely.

But we are saying to proceed with care. The dabbing journey is not best traveled when diving in head first. This is a “dipping your toe in the water” type of thing until you get comfortable.

Dabbing Can Be Healthier Than Smoking

Compared to smoking, dabbing offers a cleaner cannabis experience because of the fewer chemicals involved since concentrate doesn’t have plant matter. 

More specifically, dabs lack harmful carcinogens that result from smoking plant fibers.

Who Can Benefit From Dabbing?

Anybody who thrives off intense more intense psychoactive experiences is more likely to enjoy dabs. This heightened intensity can amplify the benefits commonly associated with smoking cannabis or consuming edibles. For instance, cannabis can put you in a more creative mind space

Mind you; cannabis doesn’t improve your ideas or turn you into a Quentin Tarantino-like creative genius. Instead, it’s conducive to enjoying the creative process more, which dabs can further help with. This boost could prove vital if you’re an artistic person. It could even help if you’re stuck on a problem at work and need to think differently about it (after office hours, of course).

Another ideal candidate for dabs is someone dealing with severe chronic pain. The worse the pain, the more the dabs can help since the effects are more intense and immediate. Relief could potentially set in faster and more effectively since the doses are much stronger.

Other people who may prefer dabs over the standard cannabis flower are connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate the rich favors of any given bud. Not only is the high more intense with dabs, but the taste is also better and purer than typical buds. As such, those who enjoy the more refined components of the cannabis experience will have further talking points to discuss, debate, and mull over.

Again, we’ll reiterate that this more intense high can take you down a slippery slope if you’re not careful. These benefits only exist if you enjoy your dabs cautiously and carefully.

Delving Into Different Types Of Products for Dabbing:

Below we’ll examine some (but not necessarily all) different types of dabs and their benefits:


  • Shatter concentrate looks like glass shattered into tiny pieces (hence the name).
  • High-quality shatter is solid, smooth, and clear, although many types tend to be more sticky.


  • Wax dabs are typically inhaled through a vape or water pipe and are handled with a dab tool.
  • These strains are stickier than others and are yellow-brown in color with a wax-like consistency.

Crumble Hash:

  • Crumble hash is created when BHO is whipped or vacuumed.
  • These strains can be added to a pipe or oil rig after it’s broken down.
  • It’s believed that crumble hash is the most top-tier hash.


  • Rosin is easy to produce and–as such–is one of the more popular dabs around.
  • You can create rosin by using a hair straightener to extract the oil after pressing a dried bud on parchment paper.

(Pro tip: We carry many of these products at Oasis–check our vast menu to find out more!)

What Should You Prioritize When Buying Dabs?

Whether buying your dabs at a bargain price or paying top dollar, you deserve the best possible value. Because, well, who wants dabs that don’t live up to the hype? 

Keeping these sentiments in mind, here’s what you should prioritize when shopping for dabs:


  • Budder, cannabis oil, and crumble are the best extracts for people seeking softer textures.
  • However, wax and shatter are more popular and offer a more glass-like texture.


  • While some extraction methods reduce terpene concentrations (which help produce aroma) more than others, dabs often retain many of a cannabis flower’s pleasant aromas.
  • High-terpene, full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) like live resin and terp sauce offer the most complex aromas.


  • Premium shatter will have a translucent and amber hue instead of dark and soft.
  • Avoid strange-looking colors and questionable consistencies.


  • For the best taste (and overall experience), ensure your dabs are purchased from a reputable, reliable dispensary.
  • Ensure your product’s been lab tested for purity and potency.
  • Lastly, note that the extraction method that reaps the resin can impact flavor.

Get The Most Out Of Your Dabbing Experience With A Dispensary You Can Trust

Dabbing can be more enjoyable than any high you’ve ever had; you just need to be careful and consume responsibly.

Shopping at a dispensary like Oasis is part of ensuring you get the most out of dabbing. You can rest assured that our products are top-notch and safe. Moreover, our expert team can guide you toward the most suitable dab products for your needs, keeping you on the best possible path. 

If you have any questions about dabbing and related products, contact us today–we’d be happy to be your cannabis guides!

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