How to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas on Vacation

Las Vegas is a dream destination for many people, so it’s no surprise that it made it to your vacation bucket list. With so much to do in the greater Vegas areas, putting together a travel itinerary is usually a daunting task. From the Red Rock Canyon to the Fremont street life and Bellagio casino, there are plenty of exciting activities to choose from.

If you consume cannabis, you’ll be happy to hear that you can legally enjoy some top-shelf strains in Las Vegas. Before you plan your trip, you should be familiar with the cannabis laws and how to get the best product from reputable dispensaries, bearing in mind that the illicit market is still alive and well. 

Keep reading to learn our tips on buying cannabis on vacation in Las Vegas!

Is Cannabis Legal in Las Vegas?

Yes, cannabis is legal in Las Vegas for medical and adult use. The state of Nevada legalized medical cannabis in 2000, and sixteen years later, the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative (famously known as Question 2) was passed. This legislation allowed adults above 21 years to purchase and use cannabis legally in the state. To buy cannabis in LV, you will need to provide a government-issued identification document to prove that you are of legal age.

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis When on Vacation in Las Vegas?

Yes, it is legal for adults above 21 years to buy and use cannabis while on vacation in Las Vegas. As mentioned above, you simply need to ensure that you have your government-issued ID and you’re good to go.

Fortunately, Nevada also has a reciprocity program that allows out-of-state visitors to purchase cannabis from medical cannabis dispensaries, provided that they have a valid medical marijuana card from their state.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has several dispensaries where you can purchase cannabis; however, the quality may vary. You can start by searching online for reputable cannabis dispensaries with good customer reviews. Most dispensaries are open 24/7, meaning that you can pop in at any time of the day or night. Take advantage of curbside pickups if you find a dispensary with this service, as it will save you precious time on your packed itinerary.

While you can typically find discounts, flash sales, and BOGO deals, go the extra mile to ensure that quality is not compromised for price. An easy way to do this would be to scrutinize third-party testing results to ensure that the cannabis is as potent as you expect it to be. Check the customer reviews as well. Always strive to find that sweet spot where quality and affordability collide.

Another thing that you would want to check is the variety of cannabis products that are available at your dispensary of choice. Almost all cannabis products are legal in Las Vegas. Don’t limit yourself. Here’s your chance to try out all things cannabis, from vapes to extracts to flower!

Care to find a dispensary that offers extra perks?

Oasis Dispensary is a popular choice in Las Vegas. One of the best things about buying cannabis from this dispensary is the rideshare discount that’s offered to customers who use Uber or Lyft. Customers qualify for this discount on every purchase that exceeds $50.

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy in Vegas?

You can buy a maximum of one ounce of cannabis or up to 3.5 grams of concentrate for personal use. Visitors are also free to purchase and use cannabis accessories while in Vegas, like pipes or rolling papers.

Where can Visitors Consume Cannabis in Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level and is therefore highly regulated. This means that you can only consume cannabis in private residences.

You cannot smoke cannabis in any public space or use it in your hotel room (unless the hotel policy allows it). Some tourism sites list hotels that allow visitors to use cannabis within their rooms. It will be important to call the hotel prior to your visit and confirm if they allow cannabis consumption within the premises.

New laws are in the pipeline that will allow cannabis consumption lounges on the Vegas strip. The law will allow cannabis dispensaries to offer on-site spaces from which patrons can smoke. This may also open up the scene for cannabis-friendly hotels, which the industry is really looking forward to.

Can Visitors Consume Cannabis in a Casino?

Most casinos do not allow gamblers to consume cannabis inside the casino. This has to do with cannabis being illegal at the federal level. Violating cannabis consumption laws in Nevada will attract a fine of up to $1,000, a jail term, or a punishment for community service.

Can Visitors Drive After Consuming Cannabis in Vegas?

No, it is illegal to drive after consuming cannabis. If found guilty by law enforcement, you may have to pay a fine or serve jail time.

The good news is that there are many ways to get around the Vegas strip that don’t involve you driving. You can use hop-on/hop-off tour busses or ride shares from Uber and Lyft and get yourself a dispensary discount while at it.

If you have cannabis in the car, it is advisable to store it in the trunk, where it is out of the reach of everyone in the vehicle. Also, ensure that you store the cannabis in an airtight container. Not only will this preserve the freshness, but it will also prevent attracting unnecessary attention from law enforcement officers.

Can You Carry Cannabis Out of Las Vegas?

NO, it is completely illegal to carry cannabis in or out of Vegas. Remember that cannabis is still under schedule 1 and therefore illegal under federal law. Transporting cannabis out of Vegas is a federal crime punishable by fines or jail time. While on vacation, consume as much cannabis as you would like, but the general Vegas law still applies, “what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas.”

Final Note

Las Vegas is an excellent place to try out some of the most exotic cannabis strains and products. The best part is to get some amazing offers from Oasis! 

As you vacation in Las Vegas, remember that a penny saved is a penny earned!

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