Henderson Food Delivery & Takeout: Best Dishes to Pair with Cannabis

After seeing our earlier blog of the best food options in Las Vegas, you may have been left feeling hungry if you’re in Henderson, Nevada. But don’t worry, we have you covered here with a collection of our favorite restaurants in Henderson and how to pair our favorite dishes with a cannabis product from Oasis.

Craft Kitchen

Craft Kitchen takes traditional brunch options and puts a gourmet twist on it. Former Executive Pastry Chef at Le Cirque and Circo at Bellagio, Chef/Owner Jaret knows a thing or two about creating delicious dishes. 

You can either go sweet or savory with Craft Kitchen. On the sweet side is the ever-popular “Creme Brulee” Stuffed French Toast. This delicious vanilla bean custard-filled and caramelized french toast is the perfect meal post wake and bake when the munchies kick in.

Pair this meal with the delicious Black Mamba Sativa offered by Oasis in a vape cartridge from Airo Pro. The Black Mamba Sativa is 89.27% THC to give you an uplifting high that is perfect to couple with brunch.

Straight From Philly

If you want authentic East Coast sandwiches in Henderson, Nevada, look no further than Straight From Philly. This family-owned sandwich shop offers delicious cheesesteaks, burgers, gyros, and hoagies (Philly-speak for a sub).

Smoke a Gorilla Glue pre-roll with the Smokin Chicken Cheesesteak from Straight From Philly for a perfect midday toke with your meal. Gorilla Glue #4 is a 22.69% THC hybrid that gives off a peppery and herbal aroma that pairs well with any sandwich at Straight From Philly. You can get BaM Gorilla Glue #4 pre-rolls delivered from Oasis to you in Henderson to enjoy with your next cheesesteak.

Squeeze In

Take a trip out of this world to Squeeze In breakfast and lunch cafe. This alien-themed cafe has everything from omelettes and pancakes to burgers and salads for lunch. They’re known to have the best omelettes on the planet, so you should give one a try. You can either make a custom omelette or go with the tropical Aloha Aikane that comes packed with ham, pineapples, and jalapenos, sauteed in honey, and whipped cream cheese. 

Pair this with Trendi’s Ghost Train Haze live badder available for delivery from Oasis, and you will surely be out of this world eating your Aloha Aikane omelette. Ghost Train Haze is a sativa with 76.25% THC that is perfect to start your day with an energetic lift. This extract is also known for its tropical flavor that will pair perfectly with the Aloha Aikane omelette from Squeeze In.

Settebello Pizzeria

A true hidden gem for Henderson, Nevada, is Settebello Pizzeria. As one of the first pizzerias in the United States to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, Settebello stays true to its Napoli roots with their Pizza Napoletana.

Pair this fresh Pizza Napoletana with Cannabiotix’s Mandarin Mint flower offered for delivery from Oasis for a relaxing sesh with friends over world-class pizza. The hints of orange and mint will go hand and hand with Settebello’s Pizza Napoletana. This hybrid strain has 23.81% THC, which makes for a nice balance of uplifting feelings and a relaxing high.

The Cracked Egg

Everyone has their favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, and The Cracked Egg should be yours! This family-owned breakfast and lunch restaurant specializes in skillet breakfast and is known for its homemade coffee cake. 

Chorizo, jalapenos, salsa, and cheese served over two eggs, and seasoned potatoes make up The Mexico Skillet, the perfect meal to start your day. Oh, and every skillet comes with homemade coffee cake!

Go the sweet and savory route with a City Trees Fruity Pebbles OG disposable vape from Oasis. You can get this vape delivered to enjoy with your homestyle skillet. Fruity Pebbles OG contains 85.75% THC with a delicious flavor that tastes just like its namesake. 


Vegenation is a community-based restaurant with dishes sourced from 100% plant-based and locally grown ingredients. Their menu features a wide range of vegan options that include plant-based meats, cheeses, and ice cream. 

For the chocoholics out there, you must try the Crazy Good Lava Cake that is made with locally made ice cream and caramel, all covered in molten chocolate. Have this delicious dessert with Chocolate OG extract from Verano for the ultimate chocolate buzz. You can get this 82.02% hybrid from Oasis delivered straight to your door in Henderson.


Munchbox is a trendy all-day breakfast place with lots to choose from, including a wide selection of options to make custom breakfast sandwiches. Try the classic Munchbox Ultimate, which is a breakfast sandwich with your choice of meat, cheese, and bread for your ultimate breakfast.

Breakfast needs dessert too. Have this sandwich alongside QualCan’s Sea Salt Caramel edibles for the ultimate breakfast combo. These individually packaged treats contain 10mg of THC each, creating a pure-bliss feeling that will last you all day. 


Now that you have our list of favorite food spots in Henderson, it’s time to pair them with your favorite products from Oasis. If you have a favorite food spot in Henderson that you did not see on the list, feel free to send us a message and let us know!

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