Guide to Picking the Best Rolling Papers In 2022

Choosing the right rolling paper can seem tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for or aren’t familiar with some of the OG brands in the space.

At the same time, heavily marketed brands can quickly become eye-candy for someone new to the game, even if the quality is mediocre. While trial and error is a decent strategy for finding the best rolling paper, it can put a strain on your wallet.

To help make your search easier, we’ve created this mini-guide that outlines all the key elements of a high-quality rolling paper for your flower. After all, you should only put the best quality stuff in your lungs so let’s jump in and roll up!

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Rolling Papers

What Are the Rolling Papers Made Of?

Rolling papers can be made from different types of materials. Rice is one such material that is appealing to many cannabis consumers because it is natural and will not change the flavors of your smoke. Rice has replaced wood pulp which was the go-to in years past but is slowly being dropped because of its harsh taste. Flax is also a good substitute because it is natural and tasteless.

Hemp is catching up quickly because it introduces the distinct taste of cannabis and, in most cases, is a natural and relatively clean option if you purchase the right brands. With hemp steadily increasing in production in America and different parts of the world, organic hemp might soon become the standard for rolling papers.

What Size Are the Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers come in different sizes, determining how much cannabis flower you can pack into a joint. Smaller rolling papers are ideal for a “quick” light smoke sesh, while larger ones are better suited for a more extended sesh or sharing with friends.

For example, if you need to roll up to a gram of cannabis, you will need to go for a large-sized rolling paper such as Raw’s Black King Size. This rolling paper is large but ultra-thin, measuring about 110mm. This ensures that it packs a volume and has a slow, even burn.

Is the Paper Flavored?

Choosing a paper based on flavor really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to have flavored rolling papers to mask the earthy cannabis tones, while many prefer a flavorless option to enjoy the unique flavor profile of their strain and its terpenes. So, the first thing is to ensure that your rolling paper does not have a taste that will put you off. In other words, stay away from wood pulp unless that’s your thing.

Rolling papers can come in different unique flavors. For example, King Palm, a rolling paper we offer on our online menu, has an exotic Gelato cream flavored rolling paper made from palm leaf. The flavor is natural, so you need not worry about introducing harmful chemicals to your joint.

Do You Want Filters or Tips?

Many rolling papers come with a tip that offers stability to your joint and prevents it from burning your lips or fingers. The tip also prevents residue from getting into the mouth as the end of the joint gets wet. Most tips are made from food-grade silicone and come with a metallic filter inside. The filter is there to catch debris and ensure a smoother smoke. When choosing the best rolling paper, it is advisable to consider one that comes with a filter and tip, or you can buy them separately.

Are There Any Extra Perks?

Some premium rolling papers will come with additional “merchandise” to enhance your smoking experience. For example, Raw’s rolling paper cones come with a wooden stick for packing your flower into the cone. Some rolling papers also come with a humidity pack (Boveda pack) to maintain the freshness of your bud. In addition, they may also come with a pop-out, spring-loaded rolling tray. Pretty cool, right?

The Best Rolling Paper Brands in 2022

Given the qualities above, we have short-listed the top three rolling paper brands in the industry in 2022. Give them a go, and let us know what you think!

RAW Rolling Papers

RAW has successfully managed to cut out a niche as producers of premium rolling papers that are competitively and affordably priced. The rolling papers come in an array of sizes to suit the needs of consumers. Despite the varying sizes, all the rolling papers are ultra-thin to guarantee an even smoke.

RAW rolling papers are unbleached and contain no dyes or additives. Why does this matter? Chlorine, which is used for bleaching, as well as dyes, will introduce chemicals to your cannabis, and the smoke will be bitter and irritating.

RAW also offers several attractive perks, such as cones, a wooden scooper for packing the cannabis into the rolling paper, a rolling tray, and a humidity pack.

King Palm Rolling Papers

King Palm’s hand-rolled papers are made from natural palm leaves free from additives and bleaches. They come in various sizes: mini, King, XL, XXL, and XXXL, to accommodate different needs.

King Palm Rollies come with a corn-husk filter tip that can be squeezed for a cooler smoke. The tip protects your fingers from burning and also ensures that the trichomes from your cannabis don’t fall through. The Rollies also come with a humidity pack.

Vibes Rolling Papers

Vibes rolling papers are made from natural hemp or rice and are ultra-thin to minimize “paper smoke,” which is usually quite irritating to the throat. The papers are reportedly made in France and kitted in the Dominican Republic. In other words, no effort is spared to ensure a smooth and even smoke. The King Sized variety usually holds up to one gram of bud.

Final Note: Avoid Potentially Harmful Ingredients

When choosing the best rolling papers for cannabis, you will need to check the material they’re made of, the available sizes and flavors, and other additions such as tips, humidity packs, and rolling trays.

As a final note, always avoid rolling papers with toxic ingredients, including titanium oxide and calcium carbonate, which are typically used to make the joint burn for longer (burn inhibitors), and chlorine, which is usually used as a bleach.

For help choosing the right rolling papers for you, give one of our budtenders a shout next time you swing by Oasis and they’ll be happy to recommend one!

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