3 Reasons Why Shopping Local for Cannabis is a Must

Large multi-state operators have a significantly bigger budget to play with when compared to a local cannabis dispensary. Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean smaller dispensaries can’t compete; it just means they have to work creatively and decisively with their budget–which they do. Keep reading to uncover the many reasons why shopping locally for all of your cannabis needs is a must! 

Quality Care 

Smaller dispensaries make up for their size with creativity and top-notch customer care. The smaller size of local dispensaries allows them to understand and care for their different customers. They do this by getting to know each of their 

patients and tailoring their shopping experiences to their specific needs. Local dispensary workers won’t coax you into buying products you don’t need or won’t do what you need. 

When you choose to shop local, you decide to have a personalized and more memorable shopping experience. Local dispensaries don’t have to follow the corporate restrictions or brand initiatives that come with being a part of a multi-state operation. Without the weight of corporate oversight hanging over their heads, smaller dispensaries are free to offer their customers unique promotions, experiences, and recommendations. 

Because cannabis is a newer industry, players are trying to get into the dispensary game every day. With many cannabis enthusiasts applying for their licenses, those who do stand out for a reason! The small dispensary owners who stand out are educated and enthusiastic about the growing industry and the people they serve in their community. 

Better Selection 

Owners of local dispensaries have full authority over their suppliers and inventory. They can put products they believe in on their shelves. These local dispensaries love new and innovative products and can get them on their shelves faster than any multi-state operator. So, smaller dispensaries can consistently have an even more extensive and more diverse selection of products for their customers. 

When local owners hear about a product one of their customers received from someone else, they want to hear all about it. Local dispensaries never want to stop learning and growing from their customers. This way, they can continue to order their customers the brands and products they love. 

Local Dispensary Love

Shopping at your local cannabis dispensary is a superior choice for one crucial reason: convenience. When you choose to shop local, you’re choosing to get an elevated dispensary experience. Local shops listen to their customers and respond; This explains why smaller dispensaries tend to have longer hours. People asked for it, and they got it. 

Local dispensary owners want to know the patients they are helping and how they can better serve them. Shopping local for your cannabis needs is also a great way to connect with like-minded people, as well as ensure that the products you need are never far from home. 

Multi-state operators, by definition, have multiple locations in multiple different states. So yes, MSO’s employ more drivers than smaller operations, but local dispensaries still surpass MSO’s in the delivery game. When you order your medicine from a local dispensary, you receive accurate delivery times, customizable delivery options, and more delivery options. 

If you want to support your local Las Vegas dispensary, visit us at Oasis Cannabis, and check out our location information. Our address is 1800 S Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102. If you want to take advantage of our delivery service instead-we won’t be offended. (Either way, say hi!) 

We accept delivery orders 24 hours a day and deliver between 7 a.m. and midnight. We offer free delivery for orders totaling $100 or more (before tax) and offer free delivery for veterans. Same-day delivery is available, so long as you place your order between 12 a.m. and 7 p.m. To learn more about our current in-store experience, visit our FAQ page.

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