What to Expect When You’re Expecting 420

We invite you to join Oasis Cannabis as we celebrate the first ever legal 420 for all consumers 21+ in Las Vegas! From 4:20 to 8 p.m. in the front parking lot of our building, we will be hosting a community celebration with live music, a food truck, oversized games, a photo booth and more.

Discover all we’re offering the week of 420 and how you can participate in the celebration with our Las Vegas dispensary.

The 420 Origin Story

Picture this: The year is 1971, and a group of 12 or so kids from San Rafael High School in Northern California pegged themselves “The Waldos.” They would hang out regularly after school at 4:20 to smoke cannabis and/or go treasure-hunting for pot fields. Once the term was coined within the group their friends started using it, and then THEIR friends…and so on until it eventually made its way to the local band the Grateful Dead. From there, the term went what we would refer to today as viral among their fans, the “Deadheads.”

(All things Waldo! Read everything about these guys, see their proof, and where they are now!)

These days the term 4:20 is a little more of a generic term and simply refers to cannabis. Some people use it as a verb describing consumption, or they will say it’s the best/most appropriate time to consume. Others believe it to be the month and day in which planting or harvesting cannabis plants is best.

420 Celebrations at Oasis Cannabis

Oasis Cannabis will be offering 10 Daze of Deals, starting from Friday the 13 and going until Monday the 22, which we are calling, Recovery Monday! During this time we will have vendors set up in-store, handing out swag, un-medicated samples and education. You can also expect raffles for:

  • Concerts
  • Sports tickets
  • The Stratosphere Sky Jump
  • Cannabis products and more!

We will also have limited amounts of swag bags to give away with purchases made on 4/20.

How to celebrate on 420

On the day itself, April 20th, from 4:20 to 8 p.m. in the front parking lot of our building, we will be hosting a community celebration!420 games

  • Live music
  • Food truck
  • Oversized games
  • Photo booth and more!

We’ll be hosting a painting class in Community Oasis, led by the amazingly talented local artist, Dray Whilmore. In addition, all of the businesses in our building, Downtown Spaces, will have their doors open for shopping (offering special 4/20 discounts!) and entertainment, so don’t miss out on all the art, fun, and games!

Tips for 420 Preparations

As a consumer, one can get totally overwhelmed by all the 4/20 happenings – sales, public events, private parties… With so many options, how can you possibly know if you’re making the best decisions?

We’ve compiled some helpful tips

Tip 1: Do your homework! Most companies will let you know what deals they’ll have going on in advance. Call and/or check online to see if they’ve posted what specials and events they will be having.

Tip 2: Plan your day! 4/20 is a marathon—not a sprint! Be sure to preserve your energies to go the distance. For example, we suggest that you don’t eat a high-milligram edible early in the day, if you have concert tickets for later that night. Also, when you get to the dispensary, have your ID, method of payment and an exit bag with you (Earth Day is right around the corner, please remember to recycle!).

Tip 3: Stay Compliant! This is the most important thing… Remember public consumption is illegal in Nevada! Be careful how and where you choose to partake; privately owned properties are your only legal option!

420 with a 24-hour Las Vegas Dispensary

Whatever 420 means to you, all of us at Oasis Cannabis hope that you have a safe and positive holiday experience, celebrating your freedom to consume cannabis legally here in the beautiful state of Nevada!

Have questions about your order? Call us at (702) 420-2405