Vegas Loves: Head Cheese by Polaris

Head Cheese

Written by Josh Ranck

Las Vegas has had legal recreational cannabis for more than a year now and in that time we’ve seen a few products rise to the top of the popularity ranks. None come to mind quicker than Head Cheese by Polaris.

Head Cheese is a Sativa-dominant cross of the legendary strains Headband 707 and UK Cheese. This inspired pairing brings the best of both parent strains together to create what has become one of Las Vegas’ favorite flowers.

There’s no other way to describe the scent profile than pungent, piney cheese. It really does smell like some funky, ripe cheese. For any of you out there who’ve already tried it, the scent profile is unmistakable. And so are the strain’s effects.

The dense, rich-green buds are large and sticky with resin. Thankfully, Polaris always packages their ⅛’s in glass jars, maintaining that fresh, shelf-stable dankness after packaging. But you’re not going to find any old jars of Head Cheese sitting on dispensary shelves. This is one product that flies off of shelves, and for good reason.

Head Cheese Strain

Head cheese is potent. Consistently testing above 25% THC and with terpenes and cannabinoids to spare, Head Cheese packs a punch. The first time I bought Head Cheese, I did so because of the testing results, which looked like this:

    • 25.3% THC
    • .07% CBD
    • 2.6% CBGA
    • Ocimene – 15.4mg
    • Linalool – 4.7mg
    • Myrcene – 53.1mg!

Not only was I getting a high amount of THC, but I was also getting plenty of other cannabis compounds that would encourage a more robust entourage effect.

Polaris has maintained that high level of quality for this strain and regularly drops fresh batches with consistently high test results. So, is it the genetics of the strain, or is it the skills and experience of the cultivator?

Actually, it’s both. No matter how skilled the grower, if they start with low-quality genetics, they’ll wind up with low-quality flowers. The inverse is true for fine genetics and inexperienced growers. They can start with the best genetics, but if they don’t have the skills to help the plant best express itself, they’ll end up with low-quality flowers. Polaris is doing a masterful job of maintaining the top-shelf quality of their Head Cheese and Vegas is reaping the reward!

What kind of effects can you expect from Head Cheese? Leafly describes Head Cheese as both “relaxing and euphoric,” and they’re right. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, you can expect a more cerebral onset of effects that will slowly change into a nice dense body high.

If you’ve never tried Head Cheese for yourself, now is a perfect time. Stop by Oasis today or click here to view our online ordering menu.


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