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Super Bowl Edibles at Oasis

Looking to score a touchdown at your Super Bowl party? (with adults who are 21 years of age and older of course) Stop by Oasis for all of your pregame needs — we’re offering a Super Bowl blitz on a large selection of our edibles starting on Friday, February 1st through game day on Sunday, February 3rd.

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Want to impress your friends even more? Here are 20 fun facts about Super Bowl LIII:

  1. 1.3 billion chicken wings will be on the menu for Super Bowl Sunday? Plus, 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, and more than 3 million pounds of popcorn.
  2. This is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI, which was played in February 2002. In that game, first-year starting quarterback Tom Brady led the Patriots on a game-winning drive to cap a stunning upset over a Rams team — coached by Mike Martz and quarterbacked by Kurt Warner — that entered the game as 14-point favorites.
  3. This is the Patriots’ 11th Super Bowl appearance overall, the most in NFL history.
  4. With a win, the Patriots will break a tie with the Steelers for the most wins in playoff history (36) in addition to tying the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins (six).
  5. Bill Belichick is 66 years old. Sean McVay is 33 years old. The 33-year age gap between coaches is a Super Bowl record.
  6. With a win, McVay will become the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl.
  7. With a win, Tom Brady will become the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.
  8. Maroon 5 will headline the halftime show. The band will be joined by special guests Travis Scott and Big Boi. Announced by one of your favorite Spongebob characters.
  9. The record age difference extends to the quarterbacks. Brady will be 41 years, 184 days old on Sunday. The Rams’ Jared Goff will be 24 years, 112 days old. They were born 6,281 days apart (Goff was seven years old when Brady made his Super Bowl debut).
  10. The Patriots’ eight Super Bowls in the Belichick/Brady era have been decided by 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6 and 8 points. That’s 34 total points, or an average of 4.3 points. Only 12 of the other 44 Super Bowls have been decided by eight or fewer points.
  11. The Patriots are the first team to return to the Super Bowl a year after losing it since Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVIII in the 1993 season – also in Atlanta.
  12. Business Insider said CBS is charging over $5 million for a 30-second advertisement slot in this year’s Super Bowl, which is on par with NBC’s pricing from last year.
  13. This is the third time the Super Bowl has been played in Atlanta, but the first in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  14. There are four current NFL teams who’ve never played in the current iteration of the NFL’s major championship game: the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.
  15. Right now the cheapest tickets to get inside the stadium are around $2,500 and those are for the Upper Deck. Want seats on the 50-yard line? You’ll need $12,500. Per ticket.
  16. Americans will buy more than $1.3 billion worth of beer during the Super Bowl.
  17. The Lombardi Trophy weighs 7 pounds.
  18. Jared Goff was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and made the Super Bowl in his third season. That is the fastest a QB selected number one overall in the NFL Draft has ever reached the Super Bowl.
  19. Aaron Donald led the NFL with 20.5 sacks this season and joined Lawrence Taylor (1986 Giants) as the only players to amass 20+ sacks and make it to the Super Bowl in the same season.
  20. The 2018 Rams and 2001 Rams share many similarities. Both teams averaged 30+ points per game, 400+ total yards per game, and won an NFC Championship. The one difference the 2018 Rams are obviously hoping for: a win over the team that beat them in Super Bowl XXXVI.


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