Study Shows How Cannabis Essential Oils Help with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Have you considered using cannabis essential oils to help treat your anxiety or depression? As this study affirms, cannabis essential oils may provide positive effects and benefits for medical marijuana patients and retail users alike who suffer from conditions or nervous disorders.

What Are CBD essential oils?

Also referred to as CEO, CBD oils come from the cannabis plant. Unlike other components of the cannabis plant, CBD does not offer the same “high” a user experiences that is often associated with marijuana. Instead, this marijuana product is often used more as a supplement to help relieve pain and mental health disorders. Ongoing research continues to find benefits of this particular cannabis product.cbd oil

Study Provides Support in Cannabis Essential Oil Benefits

A recent study conducted by an Italy-based universitydiscovered how cannabis essential oils positively affected the brain, reducing subjects’ feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Patients, in fact, reported feeling “relaxed and calm” after being introduced to small amounts of cannabis essential oils.

The researchers stated, “These findings provide evidence that brain wave activity autonomic nervous system response and mood states were affected by CEO.”

Other Benefits

This type of cannabis product has not only been researched for its benefits for the brain, but for the rest of the body as well. It’s being researched in its help to fight against cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease, among other ailments and conditions.

Potential Side Effects

Since CBD is not like other marijuana products, the side effects are on a much smaller scale. There are no noted side effects other than some reports of tiredness or digestive issues that may result from cannabis oil intake.

Cannabis Essential Oils

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