Shopping for Cannabis: Black Market vs Dispensaries

We’ve said it before and will likely say it again: cannabis consumption is a very personal process. This holds true with not only what you partake in but also in how it is acquired.

How and where do you shop for your cannabis? What factors help you to decide what you would like to consume? Is it the price, quality or convenience? Does it come down to what soils and pesticides are used to grow the cannabis?

Regardless of your answers, it is recognizable just from the array of questions that there are many factors to be taken into consideration each and every time you decide to restock your personal supply.

Shopping for Cannabis: Black Market vs Dispensaries

This blog aims to share warnings and rationale as to why purchasing from a dispensary is safer than purchasing from “the black market.”

Before delving into that, however, it is important to define that for the purpose of this writing, the black market refers to anybody not licensed and legally a part of the cannabis industry. This includes your friend or neighbor who has a grow room going in their house, as well as illegal delivery services or your buddy, “the weed guy.”

Why You Shouldn’t Buy from the Cannabis Black Market

When you purchase from the black market, there are many things you simply don’t know, such as the strain (sure, they can tell

nevada cannabis black market

you what the lineage is, but how do you really know?), its lab results, or how it was grown. This is also the case with CBD products.

The whole cannabis plant matters, but CBD offers most of the cannabis plant’s benefits, emphasized in the whole plant extraction process. Yet, the bulk of what is available for sale out there is not…and often contains very low percentages of actual CBD.

There are many horror stories involving smoke shops and other retailers that have sold synthetic or extremely low dosage HEMP products to consumers, all the while making health benefit claims that simply cannot be substantiated.

Why You Should Shop at a Dispensary

When you purchase from a Nevada dispensary, you know what you get: lab-tested, quality cannabis product. Every single item sold in a shop must have and make available to you the test results and the list of ingredients used to grow or create the product. This information should always be made accessible to the consumer upon request.

If you take only one suggestion from reading this, we hope that it’s not to be afraid to inquire about this seemingly sensitive information. You are the consumer and you have every right to want to know what you are putting in or on your body.

A Dispensary Committed to Quality and Transparency

Nevada cannabis consumers are very fortunate. Our lab results reveal details such as the cannabinoid and terpene levels for all strains! Whether the results yield positive or negative numbers, lab tests don’t lie and break things down to microbial levels.

We suggest you be aware and very careful when considering purchasing cannabis products from somewhere that doesn’t require test results or possess licenses. We are lucky enough to have access to so much data.

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