Product of the Month: Pocket Rocket

What potent new product packs a punch at an affordable price? Weighing in at half a gram, Pocket Rockets are proving that big things do come in small packages. Libra Wellness starts with premium flower, then pairs it with complimentary strains of both crumble and terped distillate before rolling it up for you. The result? A 35%-45% THC pre-roll that burns slow and still holds true to the taste of the strain they started with. With four fantastic strains to choose from (Orange Soda, GDP, Rocket Fuel, and Tahoe OG), there’s sure to be a Pocket Rocket just for you!  At just $15, they’re the cheapest infused pre-rolls in Vegas, and for the entire month of January, they’re buy two get one for a penny at Oasis!

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