Budtender Selects: Moses – 1991 OG

Interviewer: Aight Moses, whatchu smoking on?

Moses: 1991 OG, cultivated by Mojave. I’ve always been an OG smoker.

I: How does it stack up?

M: The Limonene, the Caryophyllene, and the Linalool put together make a good, OG terpene profile. It has a smooth, lemony, earthy kind of taste.

I: And the effect?

M: The main thing I like is the sedative feeling I get. It takes maybe two or three rips, I smoke outta water pipes – I’m not really in for rolling things, and about three hits in you get this nice head rush, but you’re focused during it so you could do something productive. BUT! If you go sit down and watch a movie, you’re gonna be like “Uhh… I don’t wanna get up.”

I: Mhmm, best of both worlds.

M: Best of both worlds. It’s a solid hybrid.

I: What do you think about Mojave as a cultivator?

M: Mojave’s pretty good! If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, I definitely recommend Mojave.

I: Fasho. Thanks, Moses.

M: Anytime.

You heard the man. Come visit Moses and pick up an 1/8th of Mojave flower today!

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