Migraines and Marijuana: What Strains and CBDs Are Best

Everyone suffers from an occasional headache. Migraines, however, can be debilitating. Discover how marijuana may help and which strains may benefit you.

Migraines: A Major Headache

Migraines happen for different reasons, a lot still unknown to physicians. Some studies, however, have shown common factors often associated with the intense headaches. For example, decreased levels of serotonin in the brain may contribute to a migraine.

Essentially, many factors may cause migraines from dehydration to stress and its best to ask your doctor what may cause your pain especially if you experience discomfort frequently.

Other facts about migraines:

  • Woman are more likely than men to get migraines
  • Family history may contribute
  • Yawning may be a symptom
  • Migraines have phases (prodrome, attack, and postdrome)

The many faces of headaches

A migraine isn’t the only pain in the neck. While not as intense, your occasional headache can interrupt or abruptly slow down a day.

Different types of headaches:

  • Tension – The most common headache since its causes are generally stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Cluster – This emerges on one side of the head.
  • Thunderclap – As fun as it sounds, it’s really not. This type occurs quickly (within 60 seconds) and may mean an aneurysm or stroke.
  • Sinus – Sinus infections can cause a discomforting pressure in the head.
  • Chiari – Less known and even less frequent, this kind happens to people with Chiari malformity, which means parts of the deformed skull put pressure on the brain.

The symptoms associated with migraines often differ in strength but can be described as debilitating, throbbing, and pounding. On the other hand, a more intense aura has also known to cause nausea and may even lead to vomiting and loss of appetite. Whereas a classic headache may dull after a good nap.

white bubba marijuana strain

Migraines and Marijuana

recent study found “the active compounds in cannabis are more effective at reducing the frequency of acute migraine pain than prescription migraine meds.” The results of the study go on to add that the marijuana even had fewer side effects.

How marijuana helps headaches

It comes down to the two areas cannabis continuously seems to effectively help: inflammation and the endocannabinoid system.

Your ECS acts as your network of receptors for the active chemical compounds in cannabis. This means your body has a system to receive the two major compounds found in marijuana: THC and CBD. These compounds work together (as well as separately if you want CBD without the psychoactive effects) to regulate pain and inflammation.

Most notably, marijuana is less risky than prescriptions or strong pain meds, leading to less likeliness to opioid addictions.

Popular strains for head strains

As the research continues, here are some common strains patients and sources alike have found to provide the most relief.

  • Blue Dream – A classic and a favorite, Blue Dream is an ideal hybrid for pain relief.
  • Harlequin – High in CBD, this strain is one of the most effective in treating ailments.
  • Pineapple Express – All aboard! Painless and productive.
  • Green Crack – Don’t let the name full you. You can enjoy a clear head and conscience.
  • Durban Poison – Get rid of the ache while remaining productive.

CBD for headaches

For those who do not want to smoke or don’t want the high from THC, the industry has plenty of options, but patients relaysome of the most effective remedies:

  • Apothecanna’s Relieving Body Oil (well-known brand for extra strength pain relief)
  • Select CBD drops (discreet and flavorless)
  • NuLeaf Naturals (full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes)
  • Bath Soak (watch your worries float away)
  • Hemp Bombs (potent yet subtle)


With the successful studies on migraines and marijuana thus far, we hope to see more patients turn to the alternative treatments like cannabis.

Ask Your Dispensary

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