Lyft, Uber, Any Rides Oh My! To Your Las Vegas Dispensary

Free Lyfts to Oasis

Looking for a weekend pick me up? Maybe it’s in the middle of the week, and you just need a lift. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or call Vegas home, you have several options when it comes to dispensaries. What you may not know is that both recreational and medical marijuana patients have access to a rideshare to their favorite dispensaries.

Learn your right to an easy lift.

Rideshares to and from Las Vegas Dispensaries

Before you ride, know your rights. We don’t want you or your driver to get into trouble. Stay educated and safe out there.

Lyft or Uber: Whatever your ride, know your rights

Some states vary in marijuana laws, but Nevada states the following on what you can and cannot do regarding rideshares and dispensaries:

  • The driver must not be under the influence
  • You must not consume marijuana in a moving vehicle
  • You cannot possess more than 1 ounce of marijuana ⅛ of concentrated marijuana

As always, you must have a valid license and be 21 years of age and older to legally purchase marijuana in the state of Nevada.

If you get caught consuming marijuana in a moving vehicle, you will be “guilty of a misdemeanor punished by a fine of not more than $600.” That’s a big chunk of change that could buy you a lot of cannabis so don’t take the chance.

Before you get into a rideshare, make sure the following is displayed:

  • Rideshare emblem or logo
  • Nevada TNC Permit

Also, make sure the car you enter matches the exact description the app provides you.

Rideshares to Dispensaries

To tip or not to tip, and other dispensary rideshare etiquette

This isn’t your typical Lyft to a typical location. If the dispensary you intend to visit pays for the ride, you may wonder if that includes the tip. Most of the time, it doesn’t.

We encourage you to use a little of the cash you brought with you for your marijuana to tip your driver. However, it’s not necessary, and the Lyft police won’t hunt you down and steal your cat if you don’t. At least, as far as we know.

While dispensaries may only accept cash, keep in mind that rideshare companies do not allow their drivers to accept payment in cash. Save (most of) the doe for your dope.

Safety recs for recreational or medical users

Report any suspicious activity by your driver. If your driver is intoxicated, contact 411 to relay the incident.

While it is our mission and goal here at Oasis to bring you a premier cannabis experience, we cannot be held responsible for a driver’s actions or attitude. Uber has an in-app feature that allows you to report a driver if you feel unsafe or dissatisfied with their service.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with your product or a dispensary’s service, the driver is not held liable unless they’ve explicitly been compensated by a dispensary to “advertise” for a particular dispensary. In which case, we encourage you to report that dissatisfaction with the rideshare company and the dispensary directly.

Having a good time with friends? Don’t hesitate to request a ride or carpool with a sober friend. It’s not worth the risk to your safety or others around you.

Other frequently asked questions:

Can my rideshare take me/pick me up from the Strip? Of course. Please note, however, you cannot consume cannabis in a public place. Be careful about the intent of smoking or consuming on the Strip.

Does my tip affect my user rating? No, it does not. Drivers cannot see the tip until after all is said and done. They won’t know the tip you’ve given them until the ride has closed out. A good tip is to tip outside the car as well to prevent any peeking.

What if I forget to tip because…you know…I was a little high? We totally get it. You spaced giving the guy or gal a tip. Lyft allows you 72 hours to tip via their app, though. So, no worries there. Unless you left your phone in the vehicle…

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