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Green Therapeutics is a Nevada licensed cultivation and production company. From CEO to Chairman, everyone in their chain of command holds pristine credentials with MBA’s and Pharm D. Dedication to the art of growing has not fallen short with this entire group. Coming from impressive pharmaceutical backgrounds slid into the world of cannabis seamlessly.

Their cultivation team is made up of skilled cannabis cultivators with backgrounds in pharmacy, landscape architecture and horticulture, and biological science with a concentration in cellular and molecular biology.

Introducing Green Therapeutics

As you can tell this team didn’t show up to mess around. One look at their flowers and you know they have to love what they do because their work shows it! Green Therapeutics has a lot of pride for what they grow and make; small details matter because day-in and day-out you’re assured to get the same quality product, with no surprises.  They have such high standards for themselves that it’s difficult not to admire their dedication and passion.

Core values

Green Therapeutics has set four core values (integrity, humbleness, dedication, and professionalism) for themselves, and these beliefs come across in their products. Each plays an individual role and is a key part in their day to day work.

  • Integrity because they are proud of what they grow and of the fact that they get each and every product professionally tested.
  • Humbleness in knowing their beginnings were with medical patients and they continuously strive for that level of quality in their products.
  • Dedication in working all hours of the day and night to offer the best possible products they can achieve.
  • Professionalism is crucial to the whole of the company, and therefore they this must never fall short in that arena.


GT sees the larger picture and believes that cannabis is a cause and not just an industry, it’s so important to them to understand the difference. They have been bringing an array of phenotypes since they began, growing strains like SFV OG and Platinum Cookies to flavors like Lemon Heads and Equanimity!

You can find a variety of strains all year from them to always keep their followers on the lookout for what’s new. All of their nugs are hand trimmed; no machines are used – allowing you to see the full extent of the flowers, trichomes and all.

Frequently asked questions

Here are their answers to the questions we supplied them.

Who started Green Therapeutics?

Green Therapeutics was started by a family of medical professionals; Dr. Duke Fu, Dr. Amy Fu, and Dr. Druce Fu, with a team of cannabis and pharmaceutical manufacturing experts.

How was Green Therapeutics created?

The team that started GT believes that cannabis is medicine, through and through, and should be treated as such.  We believe that with their experience in the pharmacy, they could scientifically improve the quality of cannabis and cannabis extracts within the State of Nevada.

Green therapeutics products

When was your first official harvest?

August of 2016

What was first grown?

We had a myriad of genetics when we first started, but our first successful harvest included Phatt Fruity, Lemon Cookies, and Gelato #1

How did that go?

Our first round of veg did not go well. Unfortunately, we sourced genetics that had a systemic disease and the plants were not healthy. We had to destroy all of the plants, change our grow methodology, and start from scratch. After sterilizing our facility we started over and had a great harvest of straight fire!

What is your most popular strain?

We have had so many people tell us that certain strains are the best, or their favorite.  We like to change things up though. We have over 150 different strains in our genetic library ranging from classics to the newest crosses, with a lot of exclusive cuts. Our growers enjoy constantly having new ladies to tend to.

How do new strains get selected?

We like to stay away from the common strains. The grow team collaborates with our production team to determine what strains will have the best terp profiles for our live resin and sauce.  After that, the team discusses what they are excited about in the strain library and what has grown best for us. In each new cycle, we generally grow one strain that has been consistent, one new strain from the library, and one strain with loud terps for our concentrates.

How many employees does GT have?

Our team consists of thirty people ranging from cultivation, extractions, formulation chemists, analytical chemists, packagers, trimmers, administrators and salespeople. Without each group, GT wouldn’t exist.

What is the GT favorite strain?

That’s not a fair question! If you asked us a hundred times you would get a hundred different answers. It depends on the time of the day, but Equanimity, Lemon Heads, and Orange Cookies are popular with the team.

Can you explain GT in 3 words?

Honest, Transparent, and Humble.

Introducing Provisions and Tsunami Extracts

Green Therapeutics has their own extraction & production labs. They now have Provisions – an extracts and oils company that just launched in January!
provision and tsunami extracts

This distillation brand is bringing new products and flavors; the Provisions menu line has items from disposable vapes, cartridges and oral sprays! The distillate used in their cartridges and disposables are so clear with a very minimal gold hue to it; you can visually see its quality. Their oral sprays are creating a lot of buzz in the industry with their discretion and convenience.

The oral sprays come in Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Mango and Strawberry Cream flavors (but others are being developed and explored, as well). They spray at 5mg a spritz under your tongue, and come on slowly – mimicking the feeling of a topical/tincture more than an edible. It comes in a handy compact container just a little larger than a tube of lip gloss – small and sleek enough to fit in your front pocket. You don’t want to miss out on trying these innovative new products!

Tsunami Labs

Tsunami Labs is a GT extension that is bringing us superior badders, sugars and sauces!  If you haven’t already checked out their flavors, we highly recommend snagging yourself a few varieties. Most of their line is offered as live resins, which are very popular here in the Las Vegas valley.

More frequently asked questions

Here are some more insightful answers to the questions we’d supplied them.

How did Provisions come about?

Provisions was created to provide delicious and easy to dose products for all ranges of cannabis users.  We have many people in our organization who don’t use cannabis frequently and have never smoked but were still passionate about it and wanted to try it. We knew that there were many other people out there like that, so we decided to formulate an extremely accurate and simple product that they can use easily, anywhere, and that lasts for a long time.

This product was our 5mg Oral Spray. After developing this product and having the desire to have simple dosage, high quality, accurately dosed products we launched the Provisions brand to ‘Elevate Life’s Adventures.’

What’s the partnership like with GT?

The great thing about all of our brands, including Provisions, is that they were all created in-house.  We have a team of extremely passionate people who believe in the products that we create and GT provides the support to the brands to allow them to create those products. This includes everything you’ve already seen as well as the necessary tools/instruments for the experimentation needed to create the next generation of products.

What product of Provisions are you most excited for?

The Oral Spray is the most exciting product from our Provisions brand.  There is truly nothing like it currently in the market, and being able to set the standard for accurately dosed and great tasting oral sprays is impressive. We recognize that it will be challenging to get this product into people’s hands, but we know that once they try it and see that they have full control over their dosing, they won’t want to ever go without it.  Most of our team uses two to four sprays – with a few outliers at the 10+ spray mark. How many sprays can you take?

How do you select flavors?

Our formulation chemists are constantly in the lab mixing new un-infused flavors that we take to the GT team, friends, family and our dispensary partners.  We collect as much data and feedback as we can and then launch the flavors that hadt the most positive reviews.

We have a seemingly infinite amount of flavors that we use to formulate.  Everything from native terpenes directly from our extraction fractions, to custom cannabis-derived terpene formulations using a GCMS, to delicious fruits and candies… We even have bizarre flavors like whiskey, which is an excellent combination of smokiness and caramel.

What extracting method does Provisions use?

All of the Provisions products consist of high- quality distillate, which is created using crude oil from both CO2 extraction and Hydrocarbon extraction from our two facilities in Las Vegas. We perform an extended purge and targeted filtration techniques to ensure that the crude oil has zero residual solvents. tsunami extracts


High-quality distillate is free from all contaminants and undesirables, including terpenes, which gives us a great blank slate to formulate with.

What do you feel sets you apart from other extraction companies?

We feel that three things really set us apart; transparency, education & honesty:

  • Transparency – We allow all of our clients/customers to come to our facility and see the operation first hand, no secrets.  We show them our failures as well as our victories.
  • Education – We encourage everybody to ask us questions and we go out to the dispensaries to directly interact with the consumer. We want to show people our analytics, both from in-house and from the third party.
  • Honest Cannabis Products – We don’t sugar coat any of our products, meaning there is nothing extra added and no fancy marketing lingo. We don’t use unnecessary diluents or additives…Just high-quality cannabis products.

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