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Cannabis may have only been recreationally legal for about a year now, but there are years of research and medical history on a tab just for Nevada alone. Lately, for medical purposes, people are realizing the benefits cannabis brings to the table in any form it comes in; flower, concentrate, edible, and many more. One of these forms is RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil (or Phoenix Tears). This is classified as cannabis oil in a concentrated entity.

RSO “Rick Simpson Oil” Origin and Benefits

RSO is created by a process involving the soaking of raw cannabis whole plant material in 99{aa34db15268e25c147c4caa85ec2d4825a5a393e7ef01519aab89820bde350fa} isopropyl alcohol (clear alcohol, most importantly). This method preserves some of the chlorophyll found in cannabis, which has been said to assist with the reduction in tumor sizes. This whole plant extraction process allows the final product to yield more of the medicinal benefits found in cannabis like CBD, CBN, and CBG just to name a few. even cannabis RSO

Rick Simpson invented this medicine to help benefit from the impact of therapeutic cannabinoids and maximize on the medical benefits. This differs from the motivation behind other extraction companies whose focus is seemingly to maximize THC levels in their products. Remember, as with all cannabis products, having a high THC percentage doesn’t necessarily mean the product will better assist you.

Ever since the creation of Rick Simpson Oil, it has been renowned to help those with the following ailments (but not limited to them): Cancer, HIV/Aids, Insomnia, Diabetes, Asthma, Psoriasis, MS, Tinnitus, Crohn’s and so much more. When you hear about something this incredible, you know there has to be an amazing company backing the efforts… Enter EVEN Cannabis Company.

Get EVEN, Even Cannabis Company

Even Cannabis Company was first established in Oregon in 2015 by their founding members Alex Taracki – CEO, Miro Taracki – CMO, and Kristin Ehasz – CMO. Surprisingly, the amazing trio got their start in the cannabis industry back in Ohio in 2013! Opportunities opened for them venture on to other great states like Colorado, Oregon, and eventually Nevada! Fast forward to today and the focus on their great mission is still stronger than ever; trying to help consumers reach their ultimate homeostasis. This is also where the idea for their name came from.

EVEN is a lot more than just a mass-producing RSO machine. They offer an RSO Consultation program where they meet with users and have been known to try to create a product specifically for their needs…Then they partner with dispensaries to help get them that item. For example, not everyone has the standard RSO need of 1:1 or High THC or High CBD, someone may need a 3:1 ratio for their ailments and can’t easily come across this.

That’s when EVEN steps in! They can cater to your specific needs and meet with you to create your special personalized solution. Coming across a company as magnificent as this one, whose values and morals align with all things cannabis is almost unbelievable; but here they are in our very own backyard, EVEN Cannabis Company.

EVEN Cannabis Products

In addition to their wonderful, well-produced RSO, they also have a line of other waxes available in select locations! They make Shatter, Honeycomb, Clear and Vapes – all with the same great quality! Don’t miss their sister company, Island Cannabis Co, featuring Island Mini’s, a small fun sized multi-pack of pre-rolls!  even cannabis prerolls

You might come across the hashtag #GetEVEN on their platforms, advocating for the well balance of physical, mental and emotional health. Although we feel like the company may be new to Nevada, they have been in the state for a while consulting at another local company. Assuredly, their product is by no means, “new” and is something that those of us in the cannabis industry are all very familiar with, here in the valley.

Now, Let’s GET EVEN!

Read their 10 piece questionnaire below.

Who is Even?

EVEN was founded by Alex Taracki, Kristin Ehasz, and Miro Taracki.  Our team is comprised of cannabis activists with entrepreneurial spirits.

When was the first step of EVEN brainstormed? 

EVEN was originally brought to light in 2015 in Portland, Oregon…but really came to fruition over the last 6 months here in Las Vegas.

Can you explain EVEN in 3 words? 

Compassion. Balance. Consistency.

What do you feel sets you apart from other production companies?

We are a team of entrepreneurs working towards a common goal together – bringing consistent, affordable, high-quality marijuana to the state of Nevada. If Even is successful, our team and customers will benefit – we are the perfect balance of corporate and OG culture.

What’s your most popular product besides the RSO?

Right now, that would be our EVEN Vapes distillate pens available in Sunrise (sativa), Sunset (indica) and Full Moon (1:1) – but we’re guessing that our fresh batches of Honeycomb, or soon to be released Keef Cola will soon overtake that popularity.

What’s the most fulfilling part of working in cannabis?

Patients. Since our backbone is with RSO, we have the opportunity to changes people’s lives on a daily basis.  We love when patients write in to tell us their success stories.  Another amazing thing is that every day we are making history! Literally, this interview is us making huge leaps and bounds!

What was meeting Rick Simpson like for EVEN?

It was spontaneous and turned out to be more than we could have expected. Alex and Miro grew up in Yugoslavia/Serbia – last year Alex and Kristin were getting ready to vacation in Serbia/Croatia and Kristin reached out to Rick through his website asking for the possibility of getting together for lunch… Kristin wasn’t expecting much back but received an email reply from Rick’s wife, Danijella. Kristin and Danijella planned lunch for the two couples…and what started as a lunch turned into a whole day of exploring Zagreb, Croatia. It was truly wonderful. Kristin and Danijella have stayed in regular contact since that trip.

What geared your cannabis interest towards making RSO? 

This product is near and dear to our team’s hearts – we have seen so many great success stories and saw a need for figuring out a way to control the costs.  As we continue to grow in our new facility, Nevada will see more RSO based products coming from EVEN, as well as special compassionate care programs for patients needing to use RSO on a daily basis.

Why was RSO your first product?

Two reasons, the first – extraction machines require specific construction, permits and approval… the method for producing RSO doesn’t require that typical extraction equipment so we were able to get approval to produce RSO in our 800sf Facility while we built out the 13,000sf facility for extraction.  The second is that this product is near and dear to our team’s hearts, as mentioned above.

How does EVEN feel in the new facility and what can we expect from this?

We are ecstatic to be in our new 13,000sf facility.  As of June 27 – we officially were able to bring product into our new home. Having always been an employee, it is amazing to think about what we have accomplished in a short amount of time.  We have many great products and new brands that we will be bringing into Vegas from our own honeycomb, shatter and capsules to working with outside brands to bring infused pre-rolls, sodas, lotions, gummies, baked goods and even chocolates! And there are even (pun intended) a few other items that I’m not able to reveal…. yet!

Where do you see Even as a brand 5 years from now?

Ha! What a question…. our founders stepped into the legal cannabis industry a little over 5 years ago – to think of how far they’ve come in the first 5 years, it’s impossible to think where EVEN will be in 2023!

Ask your dispensary near the Strip for more information on RSO and Even Cannabis.

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