Featured Brands – Deep Roots Harvest

Who doesn’t love the world’s most adorable logo of a hummingbird with cannabis leaves as wings? It’s no surprise that this month’s feature is Deep Roots Harvest. Deep Roots Harvest has held their cultivation license since 2014, yielding their first batch of medical marijuana in 2015 for patients in Nevada.

Featured Brands – Deep Roots Harvest

Deep Roots Harvest has become a household name in Nevada, bringing us some of our favorite strains like Lemon Larry OG and the classic 2010 GSC. DRH has even grown a special strain paying homage to former senator and cannabis legalization ally Tick Segerblom, aptly named “Segerblom Haze.” Not only can you order their products online on our dispensary menu, but you can also find them in their charming dispensary run in Mesquite.

Nestled away from the city, Deep Roots has a dedicated team who devote their time and passion to their cultivation and production. Their team deserves praise—every batch they’ve grown has consistently gotten better, with new innovative products frequently coming online. Deep Roots Harvest has been hard at work bringing us premium cannabis in every batch with impressive test results as undeniable proof.

Deep Roots Harvest productsdeep roots harvest chillers

Their products range from a large array of flower options and cartridges to mouthwatering edibles. Although Deep Roots has had an incredible partnership with Cheeba Chews, they recently launched their own line of edibles called Chillers (hard candy) and Helix  Twist (gummies). Their Chiller and Helix line is one for the books, bringing us scrumptious options like watermelon and cucumber serrano. It’s great to note that their Chillers are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar free!

Come down to Oasis and check out their delectable flavors while we still have them—hurry in because they are going fast!

When it comes to gear, DRH always seems to be ahead of the game. Not only can you find some unbelievably cool shirts, lighters, pens, and messenger bags, but also some unique and versatile stash jars. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on their brilliant swag!

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