Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2019

FAQ Friday: What should I get Dad for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about fun things we can get the dabbing dads in the world.

Classic Dad

Is your dad the kind of guy to work in the garage, crack a beer, and grill a steak? He’s probably a pretty classic dad. Flower is always an easy win there. For your more traditional dad we like a nice mellow more indica-leaning strain to help him relax after a long day of playing catch and mowing the lawn. Every day we have $25 1/8ths which also makes flower a really easy gift.

Tech Dad

Maybe your dad isn’t the camping type, but he does get excited about the latest gear. This dad is an early adopter, loves having the latest and greatest devices, and is probably syncing his emails to the smart fridge. If he’s on the cutting edge, he’ll probably love to check out the City Trees vape line! The City Trees cartridges are a discreet way of consuming cannabis while being on the cutting edge of vaping. Plus, for the whole month of June, if you buy a .5 or 1 gram City Trees cartridge you’ll get 50% off of .3 gram disposable vape pen. One for him, one for you!


Foodie Dad

If you’ve spent the last few Father’s Days getting your dad grill accessories, novelty aprons, and taking him to drool-worthy restaurants, he’d seriously appreciate a new edible. This weekend 6/14-6/16 at Oasis, we have select edibles for 15% off! This includes chocolate bars and a 1:1 infused marshmallow. That’s sure to get dad drooling and speeding through his steak to get to dessert.


From your cannabis family at Oasis, Happy Father’s Day!



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  • Date : June 14, 2019

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