Cannabis Liberation Day Event at Community Oasis

July 1, 2019 marked two years of legalized recreational cannabis here in Nevada. On that day, industry leaders and cannabis reform advocates gathered at Community Oasis to discuss both how far cannabis advocacy has come as well as how far we have to go as an industry.

Ben Sillitoe, Founder of Oasis Cannabis

The event kicked off with Ben Sillitoe (pictured above), the founder of Oasis Cannabis welcoming the speakers and guests. Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom (pictured below) celebrated one of the more recent moves to allocate cannabis tax revenue to initiatives geared towards helping the homeless population in the area. One of the top priorities for this initiative is focusing on homeless youth and providing shelters and other resources.

Commissioner Tick Segerblom 

A common thread across all speakers was the sense of community. As Assemblyman William McCurdy (pictured below) said, “…this is just the beginning” for  normalized cannabis use and acceptance in society.

Assemblyman William McCurdy

Assemblyman Steve Yeager (pictured below) called out that “we have come such a long way” in regards to the industry and normalization. He was also swift to mention that “we do nothing alone”, referencing the incredible community of leaders dedicated to the legislative achievements.

Assemblyman Steve Yeager

A major progression point is the push for automatic record sealing in the cannabis industry. Discrimination against those with cannabis infractions against them has been a huge hurdle as these records contain convictions for activities that are now completely legal in the state of Nevada.

Assemblywoman Dina Neal

Assemblywoman Dina Neal (pictured above) admits that the bill that would allow those convicted of now decriminalized offenses to have their records sealed was “not perfect”, but held hope for progress in the future. Despite the push back the record sealing efforts have received, she is passionate about eliminating the discrimination around those with criminal backgrounds in cannabis.

The event overall was an incredible reminder of both how far we have come and the road ahead we still need to take. Looking ahead we are so excited to share the journey with everyone who comes through our doors.


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