Cannabis and What Ails You – Insomnia

Insomnia is a hell of an ailment. Quite literally, many who suffer have compared it to what they’d imagine the depths of the underworld to be.  As with many other issues, insomnia comes disguised as a few things – tossing & turning,  brain won’t quiet down, or just plain wide awake even though it’s been hours since bedtime and you’re exhausted. Fortunately for all of us that struggle w/ this, cannabis can help.

No matter the type of product you select, such as edibles, flower, or wax – cannabis can provide much needed relief. Over the years some consumers have been able to test out different products to see what works best for them, as not everything works for everyone the same way. We all have different body chemistry allowing for some items to affect us in a similar but slightly different way. This will range for all products; flower may work better for you than it would your neighbor. He may need the double amount of his normal edible dosage to help get him to a REM sleep state, but his brother may just need a hot temp dab to do the job. Over time we learn what works for us.

The two major components have been proven to help aid sleep that you should look for in your cannabis test results are the terpene Myrcene and the cannabinoid CBN. CBN is an analgesic, anti-bacterial / convulsive / inflammatory / & insomnia, this is a holy grail for those who prefer to smoke because traces of this in any item is significant for help with getting to sleep. CBN can also be found in high amounts on old cannabis that has been sitting, think of it as “aged” cannabis.

Here is a list of terpenes and cannabinoids that have been reknowned to assist specifically with insomnia.

Myrcene: anti-insomnia, sedative, sleep aid, muscle relaxant

Linalool: anti-insomnia, relaxation, sedation, mood relief

Terpinolene: anti-insomnia, pain relief, sedation, sleep aid

Other terpenes to note that are anti-insomnia but not as commonly found;

Citronellol, Nerolidol, and Borneol all of which are anti-insomnia just not as easily tested.

CBN: anti-insomnia, analgesic, anti-bacterial, and anti-convulsive

CBD: anti-insomnia, neuroprotective, immunosuppressive, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and more

CBC: (not to be confused with CBC-A) anti-insomnia, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, bone stimulant



Everyone is different about what they like when it comes to flower. Some flower can serve different purposes, allowing for a wide range of solutions. Maybe you like a strain that hits like a sativa but then winds you down like an indica, or you want to be knocked out right away…You can also just want something relaxing at first to help you catch up on Netflix then slowly ease into a slumber.  Whatever the instance may be, there’s a strain out there that can help with your case. Always look at the terpene profile, this will never fail. Learn what you like and what works for you, read your labels! Try to search for strains testing in Myrcene and or CBN. CBN can usually be found in low percentages whereas Myrcene can be found anywhere from low 2mg to high 10mgs. When CBN and Myrcene are found together in a strain, be prepared for a strong sedating session (talk about couch lock).



The starting dosage for edibles is 10mg, this is the safe and recommended amount to begin at. This dosage can get you to a relaxed body state but won’t completely sedate the average consumer; sometimes for sleep reasons taking a little extra mgs goes a long way. Think of it kind of like an Ibuprofen, you take one tablet for minimal pain but you’d take two or more for severe pain. This concept would work for edibles, if you take a little more than your normal dose it’ll assist in sedating you a little more heavily, allowing to get you some much needed rest.



There are a few variables when it comes to dabs, from finding your perfect terpene profile to knowing your preferred temperature setting. Finding the right concentrate is similar to finding the right flower, the testing will tell you how much CBN & Mrcyene can be found in it. There is one popular form of consumption with wax that helps with insomnia faster & stronger than the others…HOT DABS!! This is when you heat your banger really high, wait no more than 10-15 seconds and drop some wax right away. What this does is burn the terpenes & heat THC at a really high rate making it hit you much stronger, converting Delta 9 THC to Delta 8 THC, which is, in turn CBN. This approach can usually do the job even for super heavy consumers, and is a popular consumption method to help with sleep.

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