Cannabis 101: Infused Pre-Rolls

FAQ Friday: What is an Infused Pre-Roll?

You may have heard about it from your friends or you may have spotted them in-store at Oasis, but what do you know about infused pre-rolls?

What Does Infused Mean?

All of our pre-rolls contain Nevada grown cannabis, but we also offer infused pre-rolls. In addition to the flower cannabis included in every pre-roll, the infused pre-rolls include cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrate is processed cannabis oil. Cannabis concentrate can develop in a few different ways to create a few different ways to create different textures. Shatter, for example, is a form of cannabis concentrate that finishes into a semi-hard slab. Oil concentrate comes out in a thick liquid cannabis oil that is usually vaped or dabbed.

What Makes Infused Pre-Rolls Special?

Infused pre-rolls that include concentrated cannabis in addition to flower can be more impactful on your system. The concentrated cannabis oil is usually much more potent than flower cannabis. When flower and concentrate cannabis are combined, it will typically give you a more impactful reaction. If you are trying an infused pre-roll for the first time, we suggest going slow and seeing how your body reacts to the product before smoking the whole pre-roll.

Where Do I Start?

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary carries the Cannavative infused pre-rolls, which are a great place to start! These are 0.8 gram of flower and 0.2 gram of honeycomb bringing the whole pre-roll to 1 full gram of flower and concentrate. We also carry Cannagars, which pack a much bigger punch with 2 grams of flower and 1.5 grams of concentrate. Starting to feel the FOMO? Swing by Oasis (we’re open 24 hours a day!) or start a fresh delivery order.


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