Cannabis 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Humans have worked with and ingested cannabis for a very long time. It’s proposed that cannabis was first cultivated in Asia for its medicinal properties, not its euphoric effects. Archeologists recently unearthed what could be the oldest cannabis samples ever discovered, dating back 2,400 to 2,800 years.


Cannabis is a form of the Cannabis Sativa plant, commonly found growing wild in temperate and tropical climates across the world. These original wild plants are called ‘landrace’ strains and are the genetic parents of the many strain varieties cultivated today. Differences in plant structure can indicate euphoric effects, with the common terms Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid being used to describe the effects you’ll feel when consuming the different varieties.

Sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting, Indica strains are more calming and sedative, and Hybrids are a balance of the two. Hybrids can be Indica or Sativa dominant as well. The wide selection of strains and their effects lets you choose a euphoric experience tailored to your preferences.


There are many methods of ingesting cannabis, including edibles, topicals, non-combustible concentrates, and flowers. To make these various concentrates, the essential oils from the plant are extracted and condensed. The resulting concentrate depends on the method and solvents used during extraction, with concentrates being some of the most innovative and modern cannabis products on the market.

Preparing For You First Cannabis Experience

First-time cannabis users might be unfamiliar with the laws and regulations regarding medical and recreational consumption. Here in Nevada, recreational users can purchase one ounce of flowers or ⅛ oz. of concentrates at one time.

How much should you buy? One ounce of cannabis is a lot, especially for novice users. You should start with small amounts of a variety of products. This way, you’ll be able to sample different methods of consumption and find the ones that are best for you. You’ll also be able to experience the differing euphoric effects of the many strain varieties available. Once you’ve found the strains and products you prefer, you can buy larger amounts, which will save you money.

What’s the difference between medical and recreational users? Medical patients must obtain a doctor’s recommendation, which offers many benefits:

  • Professional consultation and specific canna-remedy recommendations
  • Medical patients are served before recreational customers
  • Medical patients pay less sales tax
  • Medical patients can purchase higher dose products


You don’t have to be a medical patient to purchase cannabis in Nevada, but as you can see, there are a number of reasons for  becoming one.

Where can you consume cannabis? You can only consume cannabis in your own private residence. Public consumption, including in your vehicle, is illegal and if you’re caught using cannabis in public you could be fined. Besides, the comfort of your own home is the ideal place to try cannabis for the first time. You can even set a mood to enhance your experience. Light some candles, put on some music or a movie, and set out some snacks and drinks.

How do you store cannabis? All of the products you purchase in a dispensary will be sold in an airtight, scent-proof container, but the packaging they come in isn’t always the best long-term storage solutions. Products are usually sold in plastic bags and containers, as well as glass jars. A resealable, airtight glass jar is your best long-term storage container and should be kept somewhere dark and cool. Store concentrates the same way to maintain freshness and flavor profiles. Follow the storage directions on all edible and topical products, as some must be refrigerated after opening.

Always maintain safe handling practices. Cannabis, like alcohol and prescription medications, should be kept in a safe place, and always out of the hands of minors. It is illegal to provide cannabis to minors. Keeping your cannabis products in a safe location also helps prevent accidental ingestion. You don’t want your friends or family unknowingly eating an infused food product they find in the refrigerator. And never give someone infused products without their knowledge.


Your First Dispensary Visit

Current laws are starting to reflect humanity’s ongoing relationship with the plant, allowing us to more fully embrace a cannabis lifestyle. Whether you want to explore its many wellness benefits or try recreational cannabis, now is the perfect time to visit Oasis Dispensary and experience modern cannabis for yourself.

When you visit Oasis, you’ll find an expansive selection of products and experienced staff, ready to help you have an amazing first cannabis experience. Highly knowledgeable and specifically trained across all products and ingestion methods, our Budtenders are very familiar with helping new and less-experienced customers.

Whatever your level of familiarity with cannabis, Oasis has something for everyone. Check out our menu and see for yourself!

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