Cannabis 101: Explaining Edibles

Since the launch of legal marijuana markets in the US, cannabis consumers have more recreational marijuana edibles choices than ever. The next time you go to a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary, make sure you keep these cannabis edibles basics in mind before dosing.


Recreational Marijuana Edibles

marijuana edibles on a tableCookies, brownies, gummies, chocolates, hard candies, capsules, elixirs, mints, gum, and so much more can be infused with cannabis. From tea-pods to beef jerky, if you can’t find it pre-made, it can often easily be created with enough initiative and the right ingredients.

Edibles dosage basics you should know

Product labels and strengths will vary by batch, so make sure you are always mindful of the label’s potency and instruction indications. Every edible will affect people differently. This is because everyone’s body metabolizes at various speeds and levels.

Marijuana edibles effects tend to be up to 3 times as potent as smoking and take anywhere from 30 minutes to about 2 hours to fully work their way into your bloodstream. It takes this long for the active cannabinoids to be broken down and make their way through your blood-brain barrier.

The dosing experience differs greatly between ingesting and inhaling cannabis. When it is inhaled, the THC makes its way right to your brain immediately. With edibles, on the other hand, it slowly breaks down and makes its way into your body; starting in your stomach then on through your intestines.

Edibles tend to creep up on you more suddenly, and the effects build up gradually. With combustion consumption, the psychoactive effects commonly take about 5-10 minutes to peak and then slowly fade away in about an hour. Edibles tend to provide a more opposite experience – they are often a full day’s event, especially if you’re new to them.

Instructions for trying edibles for the first time

marijuana edibles on displayWhen trying edibles for the first time, you’ll want to take it slow, even if you’ve been an avid cannabis smoker for years. Since the cannabinoids are being metabolized differently than your body is accustomed to, 10mg of THC is the average starting dosage.

Note: It has not been uncommon for even this to be too strong. Sometimes a microdose of 5mg can do the trick. Remember that taking more is easy but reversing the impact of what you’ve ingested is a lot more difficult.

There are tricks used that sometimes can help lower the intense feeling you’ve gotten from a THC edible, but it won’t completely take away the overwhelming high often experienced. It has been said that pure CBD can counteract the intensity from a high dosage intake of edibles. If you want to be on the safe side, keep some tabs or capsules of pure CBD on hand.

Considering how very delicious edibles are, it can be difficult to limit yourself to a single serving.  We suggest that you try having any other, non-infused type relatable foods set aside to pair with your infused treat. This will help to satisfy your cravings and lower your chances of having a higher dosage intake than recommended.

Recreational marijuana edibles laws to keep in mind

In the state of Nevada, edible regulations differ for recreational consumers and medical marijuana patients. Recreational consumers are only allowed to purchase edibles that contain 115 mg of THC or less. Medical patients need not worry because there is no limit to the milligrams they are allowed to purchase per product in edibles.

Both recreational and medical cannabis consumers can only purchase up to 1,750 milligram total in edibles at a time. For example, you could purchase 16 chocolate bars that tested at 109 mg each to reach your allotment. As medical marijuana patient, if you wanted to purchase a 950mg coconut oil you would only have 800mg left of your allotment left to purchase.

Please be sure to ask your cannabis consultant if you have any questions on the state limits here in Nevada!

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