Buccal Membrane to the Brain

Most cannabis consumers in today’s evolved retail and medical markets are familiar with the standard methods of intake such as ingesting edibles, vaping concentrates or the tried-and-true process of simply smoking flower (bud, trees, nugs – whatever nomenclature you prefer).  Each of these offers a list of benefits and variables to the overall cannabis experience.

Edibles take much longer to kick in, however the euphoric high lasts a significant amount longer. Contrarily, as soon as one combusts cannabis and takes the first hit the effects are felt pretty much instantly. The overall experience tends to last less than 2 hours (for most people), however.

There is a lesser known, yet extremely efficient and effective method of intake that provides a relatively quick onset time and a long lasting elevated experience! It is what happens when cannabis is consumed through the buccal membrane, providing direct and immediate access to the blood stream. The results are undeniable!

Consistent dosing can be a challenge when consuming cannabis through this method, especially at first. Remember that a little bit of concentrated oil goes a long way; we suggest you start small.

Step 1: Apply a small amount of the oil to your finger.

Step 2: Rub that oil into the divot of your upper gums.

Step 3: Allow that to transmit into your bloodstream.

Step 4: Relax & ENJOY the experience!

The average onset time is approximately 20 minutes, however the effects can be felt much sooner, or take a little longer. Just as with every other method of cannabis intake, each individual will have their own unique experience.

By now you must be thinking, “This sounds AMAZING and I HAVE TO TRY IT!” Not a worry… Many dispensaries offer oil in applicators, also referred to as dablicators or syringes, on their product menus. It is important to be certain that the oil is edible, or that it has been decarboxylated , aka “decarbed”. This essentially means the THCA has become activated into THC by a low temperature heating process. Oasis Cannabis carries several brands to choose from, including local favorite, City Trees.

When selecting which specific oil product to try, we suggest you start by determining what you want to experience. Knowing your terpenes is invaluable for this process. You can also make your selection based on a particular strain you are familiar with, or on the end result you desire. Brand preferences can also be a determining factor for some.

Please let one of our cannabis consultants know if you have any questions about this. We’re here for you and would be happy to share our recommendations and experiences.

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