Breast Cancer Awareness: Cindy’s Story

I had the good fortune to sit down and speak w/ local Cannabis activist and Breast Cancer Survivor Cindy Brown recently. We talked about her personal experiences with Cannabis and the Medical industry and she provided a bit of insight that felt worth sharing.  A very special thanks goes out to Cindy for being so candid about her personal story.

Here is Cindy’s story in her words:

I had been taking full plant THC oil for about 6-7 years for my arthritis and I was eating a half a gram night. A little over year ago now I found a lump and went to the doctor and got it checked out. Turned out it was breast cancer. I was completely shocked and in a daze for probably a month trying to figure out HOW I could possibly get breast cancer when I’ve been eating so much oil for so long. So, I started asking different people what the deal was and the breast Cancer Center sent me a book all about just breast cancer and that’s when I realized that there were four main types and then 15 subtypes of breast cancer: progesterone positive, estrogen positive, Triple Negative, or HER2 positive and negative and they all mean different things…how fast it grows and what are the contributing factors. In my case, I was triple positive which meant that it was an estrogen-based breast cancer.

It just so happened that the MJ Biz conference was here during that time and they had a couple of medical professionals as speakers at one of the lectures. I got to talk to them and they both told me that you need high CBD not THC and to stop the THC (which I had actually already done because I figured why do I need to keep taking this if I’ve already got breast cancer?! I need to figure out what else I need to do!) I talked to a couple of pharmacists and other scientist people I ran into and every one of them said that I needed to be on high CBD & the ratio needs to be 10 to 1 – no more than 20 to 1. What I learned is that THC makes estrogen do its job better – I would refer to it as “estrogen fuel” & some of the technical people would get all uppity about it and tell me that’s not the right way to say it, but that’s the way I understand it and that’s what makes sense to most people…We need things broken down simply, not with such technical words.

So, I went to Pahrump and bought a couple of pounds of cherry wine hemp and we made our own oil. I had it tested and what I found amazing is that the batch that we did with just the leaves versus the batch we made with bud and leaf tested almost identically! This showed me that full plant is more effective then I’d heard, and that making oil from just the buds is unnecessary.

I’ve wondered about a number of women that I’ve known that had breast cancer and they were taking a gram a day and they still died.Now I realize they……. probably had an estrogen caused cancer &…….. should’ve been on the high CBD not THC.

During the time that I waited for the surgery (about two months) I’ve was on CBD oil and when they did the surgery the tumor was about half the size of what they originally said it was. That is proof to me that it had shrunk it! I kind of wish now that I would’ve waited till January like I wanted to, because it probably would’ve gotten rid of it altogether and  I would have had better proof. But I had family members freaking out, “no you can’t wait!”

What was really interesting, my doctor was fine with my using cannabis. In fact, the same day she was telling me that I had found my lump (she didn’t know I already knew it was cancerous because I’d seen the other results) she was telling another girl that was in her 30s with a couple of kids the same prognosis. I told him I was going to do Cannabis oil and he said, “I want to hook you up with this other girl.” But the other girl opted for chemo and the next time I saw her in the doctor’s office she had a port and everything and she never called me so I’ve been hoping she was OK.

When I went to the radiologist he said I was stage one I really didn’t need to do this, but if I wanted I could do 4-5 treatments and I told him I’d opted to stick with high CBD Cannabis oil. He found that very interesting and informed me that his dad happens to be a Cannabis Doctor out of California! He told me that he thought radiation was on its way out years ago and yet they keep bringing it back and keep using it. That told me that even that doctor didn’t believe in what he was doing, but because the establishment has decided that’s the right course…That’s just what they do to everybody. Since then I’ve been active in a couple of breast cancer groups on Facebook and I’ve further assessed that radiation is not a really good idea. It can cause people all kinds of problems.

I was talking to a young man who has lymphoma (I believe) and he found out that he also needed to be on a high CBD regiment…So the high THC, it’s not the end all answer to everybody.  I have an interesting theory: What if the THC in the plant is there to let us know once you get high you’ve got enough of the CBD? Think about it…we’ve been breeding in more & more THC. I remember when I was a teenager, you had to smoke two -three joints for anybody to get high. But now, a couple of hits & you’re high. So what if it’s the CBD that’s really more important to our bodies than THC? Most people don’t mind being high, but I don’t like it because it makes me paranoid and think about stuff like what if an earthquake happened…

I was recently informed that they found another component in the cannabis plant that they think is a cancer fighter and that if, by chance, my cancer came back even though I was taking the CBD oil I would need to add THCA as a separate isolate, and that there are like three or four other things that you can get separated down and add to your mix to make it stronger if you can’t get the right strain that has everything in it that you need.

I plan to keep that in mind, but am very hopeful I don’t need to utilize that knowledge. I know this for sure, I don’t want to have to go through that surgery again – it was not fun.

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