Blue Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes | The History of the Legendary Strain

Blue Dream in flower

Blue Dream is a renowned strain amongst the marijuana community for patients and rec users alike. So how did it become so famous?

Blue Dream: Origin Story

Like a lot of popular strains, Blue Dream first bloomed on the West Coast in balmy California. Other than knowing its parent strains, the Blue Dream appeared kind of “out of the blue” one day, making a lot of marijuana users’ dreams come true. Because of its lineage of the Indica Blueberry and the Sativa haze, it’s become an ideal hybrid for those seeking euphoria and relief.

What exactly is Blue Dream?

The Blueberry and Haze strains become the quintessential dream team to create this hybrid—hence its namesake. With its near perfect combination, the flower is easy to grow and is almost accessible in every dispensary in Las Vegas and across the country. High in yield and THC, it contains all the best attributes to give you the creative juice you’ve been looking for.

Look, feel, and taste

While having fluffy, bright green nugs, the flower also showcases highlights true to its name

The notable aroma, berry, to this strain comes from its indica parent. The lasting flavor of, you guessed it, blueberry hits the palate and senses quickly but lingers for a while, and users sometimes refer to its taste and aftertaste as sweet.

Blue Dream effects

With its hybrid components, the strain reduces pain and alleviates relaxation, making it an ideal daytime strain. While not heavy with the sedative aspect, the hybrid does kick-in more efficiently than others of its kind.

Many describe the experience as euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing while not giving the generic couch-like sensation. Instead, expect a creative boost to make you feel happy and productive.

One puff, and you’ll be singing no worries for the rest of your daze…

Blue Dream

Conditions it helps

Not only does Blue Dream help with a little inspiration during a midweek slump, but it also offers relief to different kinds of conditions.

Including, but not limited to:

Women and Blue Dream

Some recent statics have shown the rise in women interest in cannabis. And not just interest, but what strains work best for them. Blue Dream was one of the most research strains by women. Although already pretty popular, Blue Dream also rose to the top as a favorite among females due to uplifting effects, even if the hybrid has indica influences.

Ultimately, the statistics suggest women want strains that relieve stress and anxiety as those conditions are twice as likely to affect women than they are men. According to other analytics, women have shown to enjoy a more complex palate and enjoy the sweeter things in life.

The legend continues

So what makes Blue Dream so famous? Historically, its reliable flavor and uplifting attributes that universally help its users make the strain so popular, which are just some of the reason it makes it so beloved. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, Blue Dream is a winner for all.

Dream Deals and Service

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