Best Brands: Who Is City Trees?

City Trees, a local Las Vegas cultivation and production facility, was established in 2017 and houses a strong team with over 30+ years of combined industry experience within their management team.

Cultivation Highlight: Who Is City Trees? city trees products

Don Decatur, who is the breeder for Sin City Seeds, finds himself as the Director of Operations for City Trees, bringing his genetics and long cannabis history to the team. Don began his cannabis career under medical laws in California and Colorado back in 2009 and has been growing here in the valley for the past 3 years.

Russ Johnson is the Director of Sales; he works along with Kawehi Galuteria, an Account Representative; together they help get the product out and keep consumers educated and satisfied. Russ comes from a background of 26 years in sales for IBM computers but has been involved with cannabis for over 30 years. (He even wrote a research paper on “The Legalization of Marijuana” for the University of Texas in 1992!)

Kawehi originates from Oahu, Hawaii, and made the move to Las Vegas in order to legally work in the Cannabis industry, which she has successfully been doing for the past 3 years. They are assisted by Inventory Control manager, Chris Childress – who is from Philadelphia and also made the move to Vegas to work in Cannabis, Mike Myers the Production Manager, who brings over 10 years of experience, and, lastly, their Cultivation Manager, Anthony Hoyes rounds out their team.

City Trees Cannabis Products

Have you ever had an issue with making a choice when it comes to disposable vapes or cartridges? How do you know that the product will address your particular symptoms or issues?  The majority of product labels are less than clear and so you have to trust your consultant to help you make the best decision. City Trees helps take the guessing away by giving their products names that actually describe the results of what they will do.

City Trees is most renowned for their cartridges and disposable vape pens for good reason! Their product lines are distinctly labeled according to the desired goal, or by strain. Their currently branded offerings are Relax, Energy, Pain, Calm, & Bliss along with the strains Blue Dream, Clementine and Jack Herer. Easily choose whether you need a pen for pain relief or energy uplift! Finding it difficult to ease your nerves? Try their Calm 1:1 THC/CBD ratio pen! city trees cartridge

City Trees has recently launched their new capsule line. These consist of 3 also easily named items to best help you with your daily ailment needs. They come in 3 different ratios of CBD to THC. They have the CBD caps with a ratio of 10:1, Rise caps at a 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and Rest caps with a 1:4 CBD to THC ratio.

They also offer City Trees branded Rosins and Dab Oils. These popular concentrates remain consistent offerings on the Oasis product menu. In an industry where change is constant, it’s so nice to be able to rely on City Trees to keep their quality products available to their fans.

Their first harvest is coming soon, too. Their flower will be on shelves in the latter part of this year; you’ll surely want to be on the lookout for when they drop!

When was City Trees established?

The development of City Trees began in June of 2017, as the brainchild of Director of Operations, Don Decatur. Utilizing best practices he’d acquired from over 22 years of cannabis cultivation and industry experience, Decatur developed this brand with quality and sustainability as its cornerstones.

Are all cartridges/disposables distilled?

All of City Tree’s cartridges and all-in-one vape pens are made of only cannabis distillate and organic botanically derived terpenes.

Not all disposables or cartridges on the market are made with only these ingredients. Some other vape pens include additives and fillers, (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, propylene ethel glycol are a few commonly used fillers in vapor products) which can lead to respiratory issues and even lipid pneumonia.

Is City Trees still making Rosin?

Yes, but sadly, the availability is somewhat limited due to the lack of quality starting material.

When does the next harvest happen?

As of right now, the first harvest is expected in the latter part of 2018.

What do you feel sets you apart from other productions?

One thing that sets City Trees apart from the other production facilities is their commitment to addressing the drawbacks of our industry. For example, they’ve established a battery recycling program, which allows them to partner with dispensaries to collect and recycle depleted or dead lithium-ion batteries. Some of City Trees vape pens include a one-time use (referred commonly in the industry as disposable) lithium-ion battery.

These batteries are hazardous to the environment when discarded improperly, and although we enjoy the convenience they offer, they care greatly about the planet, too. City Trees recycles any battery and any brand. All that matters to City Trees is that they get disposed of properly. Any and all proceeds generated from their recycling efforts will be donated to a nonprofit, such as the Arbor Day Foundation.

Who are the main team/leads/managers (with titles)?

City Trees is a small team, consisting of only 9 of team members.

Under Don Decatur, Director of Operations is the sales team: Russ Johnson, Accounts Manager; and Kawehi Galuteria as Accounts Representative. Then, they have their Inventory Control Manager, Chris Childress; Production Manager, Mike Myers (AKA call him Big Country), and Cultivation Manager, Anthony Hoyes.

How long have they been working with cannabis?

Don – 22 years

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Russ – 36 years

Kawehi – 2 years

Chris – 2 years

Big Country – 10+ years

Hoyes – 5 years

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