Best Brands: Evergreen Organix

Featured Brands – Evergreen Organix

Our featured Cannabis Brands partner for February 2018 is Evergreen Organix. They are a local production company and brand that has been bringing us high-grade medicated and edibles since 2015. Some of their most popular items include a CBD dark chocolate bar, massage oils, and RSO. Evergreen Organix uses C02 extraction for their oil products and/or solvent-free canna-butter or coconut oil to make their chocolates and candies. Their edibles contain all THC and/or CBD, with no added or introduced terpenes. A seldom known fact is that terpenes are usually destroyed in the extraction process, as products are being created. This is why a lot of edibles are not able to be classified as a sativa or indica.

Evergreen Organix has established a solid brand and has been able to constantly meet the demand of consumers that keep requesting their products. Their CBD/THC Dark Chocolate Bar is a patient favorite. It breaks down into about 10mgs a serving of both CBD and THC and is said to provide a relaxing feeling. Evergreeen Organix has established themselves as a leader in brands for the 100mg chocolate bar. This is largely due to their creativity and expansive varieties; they explore flavors and offer items like the tasty strawberry or blueberry crunch bars. These are not common flavors found in edibles, making them a real treat for some.

Evergreen Organix also makes cookies, cereal treats and fruit chews. Most of these items are single servings, ranging from 5mg to 25mg – making them really good for on-the-go. For example, are you planning on going for a hike? You could enjoy a single serving edible to help maintain a steady high throughout your adventure. Get the most out of the healing and the feeling!

We also suggest checking out their RSO twist container. Research and customer feedback both back the theory that RSO is an amazing healing tool, yet not very many production facilities have this item available on their menus. Evergreen Organix continues to make sure that they have both medical and recreational consumers covered and satisfied.
Lastly, Evergreen Organix makes soothing topical products. Be sure to try their massage oil & menstrual relief oil. These topicals are easy to use and provide amazing feelings of relief!


Interview with Evergreen Organix

We’ve asked Evergreen Organix a few questions to help us get a better feel of what the company strives for daily. Here are those questions and their responses:

1. How did Evergreen Organix get started?

We were founded by a group of Las Vegas business owners who loved cannabis and wanted to give back to the medical cannabis community of Nevada.

2. How many employees do you have in your facility?

Over 50 now and we are growing rapidly.

3. We know you recently joined forces with GLP, how is that partnership working out?

It’s wonderful! We love working with such an amazing and talented group. Our brands share many values and we all work at high standards. It has been a great partnership and our companies have learned a lot from one another.

4. What do you feel sets you apart from other production companies?

Our quality control. Every edible we make is hand crafted and we believe it has allowed us to create better a product. Automated kitchens are efficient, but we think it’s important to have trained professionals analyzing every process to make sure we offer the best products possible.

5. Why does EO choose to do C02 extraction?

In researching extraction options, we chose CO2 because it is pharmaceutical grade. The extraction process leaves zero residual solvents in the end product and we wanted a process that was as pure as possible. Furthermore, CO2 extraction is used to process many day-to-day things – such as creating essential oils or decaffeinating coffee.

6. What product of yours do you feel doesn’t get enough credit?

Our Menstrual Relief Oil. It has been hugely effective for many women dealing with PMS, but many people don’t think of cannabis when it comes to menstrual pain and are unsure of trying a topical option.

7. Of your entire product line, what do you offer that is the most beneficial?

Definitely our RSO. We are very proud to offer our 4 varieties of RSO to the market because of its significant medical benefits. We wanted to create a version for every patient, so we offer a sativa, a hybrid, an indica and a 1:1 CBD variety.

8. How do new creations come about?

We are very big on feedback. Generally, our new products come from consumer suggestions. We love being able to cater to the community’s requests and experiment with new flavors.

9. Do you have any tips for someone who can never really feel the effects of edibles?

Every consumer is different and it’s important to listen to your body when trying edibles. Dosing, timing and diet are all factors that can affect someone’s edible experience. When experimenting, it is important to monitor your milligram consumption and see what works best for your body.

10. Can you describe Evergreen Organix in 3 words?

High quality edibles

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