Oasis Cannabis Dispensary: The Preferred Las Vegas Dispensary for Locals

Las Vegas has been a top-10 tourist destination in the United States for many decades, and the legalization of adult cannabis use in 2017 has only made our city more popular among travelers. Cannabis tourism is a big business, and we love having the opportunity to meet cannabis lovers from all over the world every day. 

Las Vegas, however, isn’t just a center for tourism. It’s also a city where hundreds of thousands of people live on a full-time basis. Locals have always formed the core of our business at Oasis Cannabis, and we’ve never lost sight of that. We aren’t just the best Las Vegas dispensary because we’re conveniently located and have the best products. We’re also the best because we consider ourselves stewards and partners of this vibrant city.

Why is Oasis Cannabis the favorite dispensary for locals in Las Vegas? Here are just a few of the reasons.

Amazing Deals for Locals

We love locals at Oasis Cannabis, and that’s why Las Vegas residents enjoy generous discounts at our dispensary regardless of the day or time. Here’s a small sampling of the discounts that you can enjoy when you shop with us.

  • Locals and seniors enjoy a 15% discount on all Oasis Cannabis products all day, every day. Just present your ID to the cashier when checking out.
  • If you want even better deals, join our VIP Club for a discount of 25% whenever you shop.
  • Do you work in the cannabis industry? Present your Agent Card during checkout for a 20% discount. Agent Card holders also enjoy a discount of 30% when shopping on Sundays.
  • We also extend a discount of 25% to veterans.
  • If you work in the hospitality industry, enjoy a discount of 25% on your late-night bud runs. This discount is active daily from midnight until closing.
  • Don’t fall into any of these categories? Come in during Happy Hour for a 40% discount on all non-sale City Trees products every day from 4:20 PM until 7:10 PM.

Late Hours

Las Vegas never really closes, so we’re open late to ensure that you can get your herbal fix whenever you happen to be out and about. Oasis Cannabis is open daily from 7:30 AM until 2:30 AM. Our hours are ideal for anyone with a late work schedule, from first responders to restaurant and hotel employees. Don’t forget that everyone in the hospitality industry gets a 25% discount at Oasis Cannabis from midnight until closing every day. Stop by on your way home from work and enjoy an evening of pure relaxation.

Welcoming Environment

It is of paramount importance to us that customers always feel safe, comfortable and welcomed when entering our dispensary. Our store is clean and well lit, and we have a full-time security guard on duty at all times. We guarantee that you will always think of Oasis Cannabis as a safe space for locals. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers have always considered it an absolute pleasure to interact with our staff. From the security staff to the budtenders and cashiers, we believe that the people at Oasis Cannabis are some of the friendliest folks in all of Las Vegas. We love to chat about our shared love for everyone’s favorite herb. If you have questions, we can’t wait to answer them. Every person’s experience with cannabis is unique, and we want to curate a personalized experience that you’ll find delightful and memorable.

Community Initiatives

When we say that community involvement is a major focus for us, we really mean it. Oasis Cannabis is one of the oldest dispensaries in Las Vegas, and we believe in paying it forward every step of the way. We recently introduced a new product – the Molly X VPRP Pre-Roll – that is emblematic of our commitment to the community and what we want to accomplish here in Las Vegas. Created in a partnership between us and the Vegas Pet Rescue Project, we donate 20% of our earnings from this product directly to the VPRP, helping to provide care, shelter and new homes for distressed animals. The VPRP is a non-profit group that relies on donations for funding, and we are proud to play a small role in the organization’s important work.

Evangelizing and Destigmatizing Cannabis

There is documented evidence that humans have been using cannabis for at least 5,000 years, and it’s possible that the history of everyone’s favorite herb goes back even further than that. The negative stigma surrounding cannabis, however, is actually quite new; the U.S. federal government outlawed cannabis less than 100 years ago.

In recent years, though, people have begun to open their minds to the fact that any negative opinions of this plant – with a history that’s been richly intertwined with our own for millennia – are severely misguided. Nevada’s enlightened government was one of the first in the nation to fully legalize cannabis for adult use, and that makes Las Vegas the epicenter of cannabis normalization nationwide.  

A recent Gallup poll suggests that about 17% of American adults use cannabis on a regular basis, while half of all adults have tried it at some point during their lives. Gallup has run the same poll periodically since 2013, and the number of regular cannabis users grows every year. There are more cannabis users in the United States, in fact, than there are tobacco smokers.

Cannabis users should have the right to enjoy their favorite herb in safety and without stigmatization. The Government of Nevada has already done its part, and we do our part as well through evangelization and community outreach. We want to spread the word that cannabis use is a completely normal part of everyday life for many millions of adults around the country.

Commitment to Product Quality

The last thing we want you to understand as a discerning consumer is that Oasis Cannabis simply offers the best products anywhere. No matter what you’re looking for – from flower to wax to pre-filled cartridges – we’ve got it. You want to know where your cannabis comes from, and you want to know that it’s safe to use. Every product at Oasis Cannabis undergoes thorough lab testing before it reaches our shelves. Before you buy any item, you’ll know its full cannabinoid content, and you’ll also know that It’s completely free of unsafe additives, residual solvents and other contaminants.

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